On Classes, and 5 Years of Destiny

agreed, seems we have all forgotten the true purpose of this all, to unite

Exactly. Even people at the other end of the spectrum, who want to drift towards the darkness are valid. There’s something valid to playing a part. But theres a big difference between playing a part and actually being a jerk on the internet/irl. If you want to play as a shadow, that’s good! You add to the wide and varied Destiny universe, which should be full of complex characters(just being bad for fun doesn’t make your character more complex, but that’s another story). But theDestiny world should be full of dubious characters. But everywhere online there’s massive fights about what’s the right way to “play” a Guardian, whether that’s alignment, class abilities, or weapons choice. But calling people basic because they want to play as a hero, or as a shadow, or bc they like the Drifter, or hell, still even like Zavala(he’s one of the more interesting characters fight me) is stupid. We all like the game, and should just agree to disagree.

(fight accepted)
please elaborate what parts of him are interesting, the cardboard box personality? so far hes only been interesting in lore

Very well said, Fluffy. It’s nice to see someone voice the same sentiments I have and I believe more people than we might initially think feel the same. Or at least I hope so. I was recently thinking about how the first class you pick as someone new to Destiny with no idea about what’s going on is probably going to end up being your favorite, your “master race”. Anyways, 5 more years of D2? Hell yeah!

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