On Classes, and 5 Years of Destiny

When I wrote The Hunter’s Guide, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and I can’t thank people enough. But a lot of the comments I read argued about the “Hunter master race”, which ties back to an issue I’ve been grappling with for a while.
As a Titan main, one of the most defining parts of the Destiny community is class pride. No matter your class, you end up finding people drawn to the same things as you. For me and many others, Titans represented what I wanted to find in myself-strength, nobility, bravery, duty, honor. I was proudly #titangang. And that warped my perception of the other classes. People who played warlocks were number crunchers looking to cheese abilities to the max, while Hunters were edgy tryhards who couldn’t wait to two tap you with a hand cannon and t-bag you into oblivion.
But the years in this community have opened my perspective. All of us have been drawn to Destiny because we seek the same thrills-kill baddies, cash in engrams, repeat. And I think we all saw the same things in our classes as I saw in mine. All of us are heroes, noble and strong and dutiful to the Last City. As I look back on 5 years of a world full of danger and excitement and sweet, sweet engrams, I have only one regret. That we as a community were #warlockgang, #huntergang, and #titangang, instead of #guardiangang. That’s what excites me for the next 5 years-is to see our community not only expand, but strengthen. To come together more instead of fight about broken abilities and whose exotics need a nerf. Because at the end of the day, we’re all Guardians who, through luck or fate or a combination of the two, have chosen to play together, and that we all love this weird game world we call home.

Be brave Guardians, I look forward to another 5 years among the Light.

Fluffy #guardiangang


To be honest I couldn’t care less about the city, Zavala has always been annoying

Fine words friend, if only the rest of the community felt the same. Though I still feel that hunters are the greatest, but everyone else aint so bad ether

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I agree but once again the city can pretty much die and I would not care if I was a guardian (the only npcs that don’t annoy me are the drifter, xur, shaxx, emperor Claus, and cayde-6)

It’s fine to have favorites, I just feel like so much of the fandom fights about who’s better, or cooler, or too OP, and meanwhile we still got to deal with people trolling us, like “lmao destiny sucks, it’s a dead game, what you like is invalid.” If we spent more time just agreeing that people should be free to enjoy the game how they want to enjoy it, I think the community would be far better off.

If Zavala didn’t keep everyone in the dark about most of guardian’s past and times the vanguard messed up maybe people would like him more

Heck yeah! Well put.

Who are you replying to?

The Original post, though in retrospect I can see how that would be confusing.

And here we witness, three kinds of people. First we have Shadow, who seems to be a darkness apologist. Many who go down this path are swiftly put to death by the man with the Golden Gun.

The moderate, Aetheon. Still holding to his routes like myself (Warlock masterace mofos) but admitting that the others are all that bad. But I do believe there is a point where certain things should be called out.

And the noble medium, Fluffy. Uniting all with their respect for all classes and attempting to spark the same fire in others. What a glorious cause.

I don’t care about the light or the darkness i’m more of a person similar to the drifter, I drift between both light and dark not caring about either and I only help people to benefit myself in the destiny universe

Ah so a sociopath? No empathy and always in a moral gray, lying and cheating to get your way? Doing anything to benefit yourself?

Yep pretty much, he wouldn’t care if even his ghost died

Nods Noted… Slowly dialing Shin Malphur

Shin Malphur shall be struck down with my whisper of the worm, also my shadow character has multiple ways to stay alive

And what might those be?

ahamkara whispers oh’ creator mine

Illegality after illegality it seems.


Alright that’s enough off topic-ness. Also *they’re not their