On Greek/Roman Gods, and How They Relate to Characters in Destiny

So, I was recently patrolling around Venus, and I was absent-mindedly thinking about how the Vex have their designations based off creatures in the Greek mythology. Sometimes when I explore things mentally, I go off on strange tangents related to the subject, such as how the Greek Pantheon and Roman Pantheon are linked to each other. Interesting thing about the Roman gods, is that nearly every planet in our solar system is named after a Roman god (Excluding Earth). In fact, the majority of places we travel to have their names rooted in either of these mythologies (Vesta, Mars, Mercury, Venus, etc.).

The reason why I’ve decided to make a post on this, is because while thinking of all these different planets and moons, I thought of the Nine. I was thinking how they too are linked to these planets we’ve named. Now, I’m not trying to raise theories, or say the Vex are linked to the Nine, but it seems odd how humanity has almost named the Nine.

I’m not sure, I just thought bringing an interesting bit of information to the community could possibly spark something greater within someone else.

Apologies if someone has already made a post with a similar idea in mind.

Assuming that the Nine are the nine heaviest planetary objects in the solar system, we could attribute each of these to a particular name. Whether or not the Nine would take the Roman or Greek name would is unknown, but they’d be as follows:

  • Sun = Apollo. God of Light, Music, Healing, and Archery
  • Mercury = Hermes. God of Messengers, Roads, and Thieves
  • Venus = Aphrodite. Goddess of Love
  • Earth = Gaia. Primordial Goddess of the Earth, Life, and Nature
  • Mars = Ares. God of War, Battle and Bloodshed
  • Jupiter = Zeus. King God of the Sky, Lightning and Storms
  • Saturn = Kronos. King Titan of Time, Harvest and Plenty
  • Uranus = Ouranos. Primordial God of the Sky
  • Neptune = Poseidon. God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Ships
  • Pluto = Hades. God of Death, Judgement and Wealth
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More or less what I was thinking of.

That is 10 not 9 names

I’m pretty sure that’s because we don’t really know if the ninth Nine is the Sun or Pluto.

Well, that depends.
What is Pluto?!

Is it a planet? Or…?

There are two factions in the Nine are there not? If so which would be which? Would we be able to tell? In Greek mythology I believe that Kronos was considered evil seeing as he ate the gods the Greeks worshiped, so could we use this and say that the Nine that is Saturn one of the ones against life? ( I’m not 100% sure about much of this, just did what I could remember, sorry if I got anything wrong).

I believe that the two factions are the gas planets and the terrestrial?( I think that what they are called) planets.

I never looked to see how many of each there were. There are 4 gas and 5 terrestrial, which would make sense seeing as how there are 4 seeking entropy, while there are 5 who don’t.

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