Once again, I have came up with another exotic: Jet Wannabe

So this one is going to be less wacky than my other one but it might be
It is a Titan chest exotic and it has extendable wings it the backside covered in PObA symbol and is a bit rusty with thruster drilled and duct taped under the wings (it accepts shaders)
It is ranked as a mobility armor

So the Jet Wannabe has two perks: Take to the Skies and Jet Fuel
Take to the Skies: While the code of the missile super is active you can fly higher at the start and as you fly you can regenerate super by catching drift and gaining more height until you get to your “destination”.
Jet Fuel: As you use abilities you collect arc energy which makes it so you can go faster in super and when you use the titan charge ability

I bet I can beat you to the Traveler and back!

R: So big SP I got some nice hardware here
Sp: What is it?
R: Oh it’s some sort of jet pack
Sp: Well what do you want me to do sell it for you Ha.
R: Well I sorta came for an appraisal
Sp: Well I can’t tell you the value without seeing if it works Put it on
R: ok ok I’m putting it on
A large puff of smoke appears along with a large smashing sound
M: I’ll rez him
R:I decided to keep it

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For missile titan? It could reduce the drop on the missle so you can fly further? Also, you could cosplay as Buzz Lightyear.

It could also make the slam easier to control, and able to go further…

This is good. I quite like the idea of it.

yeah. Just don’t make it too similar to the wings of sacred dawn warlock exotic.

They would be buzz lightyear wings

so I added my stuff to it what do you think

Also it’s really cool to see other people making exotics too like these new ones are amazing. Mine are just really goofy

That’s not a bad thing! Yours are really memorable!

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Thanks for that i appreciate it

Yeah! Someone can make a really cool and balanced weapon but if it has no qualities to it to make it stand out (for example being silly or wacky) then it will fade into the ether.