One thing I'd like to see in Destiny 2

One thing that I’d love to see in Destiny 2 is a boss battle against another Guardian, maybe Toland the Shattered.

The issue with Destiny’s bosses is that they’re gigantic, bullet-sponge enemies. Even the raid bosses are huge monsters. A Guardian as a boss battle would be great in terms of story and lore, as it would really show how Guardians can fall.

In terms of gameplay, it would be amazing. The Guardian could have lower health than most bosses, but could be much faster and harder to hit. This would provide a welcome change from the monstery bosses we always get.

And this would be a good replacement for some on the grimoire cards that aren’t returning. It makes perfect sense and I’m suprised it’s not been done already.

So what things do you guys wanna see in Destiny 2?


Whoa, it would be really amazing; but they would have to work hard in that boss, haha

I’d especially love it if it were a more personal encounter with just your fireteam vs the guardian, rather than the boss fights now where there’s always minions assisting the boss.

That would be awesome especially if it were done similar to fighting other Hunters in Bloodborn.

And if they didn’t have a lot of health, maybe their ghost would keep bringing them back after they died, a random number of times each time a little more corrupted or something until a final version that you would have to kill and destroy their ghost before it could bring them back again. IDK just trying to think of a way to bring in the guardian element.

Soo become Felwinter?

I’m thinking Toland, Ascended Hive Lord…