Origins of Forsaken’s name

Hey everyone, just a simple warlock here looking through the great database here on Ishtar when I noticed a fun little Easter egg? In the grimoire card “Ghost Fragment: The Reef 4” (the one which talks about Uldren Sov being a captive of the Fallen), this line pops up:

“He’d let everything they had built fall apart, while those still loyal to him searched every inch of this forsaken system.”

Now this may just be a coincidence, but to me it seems as though this right here is where our friends at Bungie got the title to the new expansion. Now this is obviously not one of the more intense/intellectual discussions here but it’s a cool thing I noticed.

forsaken is also the title of the fallen that is trying to make an alliance with humans, the one we met on titan. A hint to a coming expansion perhaps??

Well, Uldren’s lore book is called “The Forsaken Prince”, so yeah.

Plus in a random article they were talking about how the shore is forsaken by the vanguard, uldren is forsaken, and the Dreaming City is forsaken. And the Scorn at the prison of elders. And we are forsaken too, doomed to never see a non-year one exotic.

Why have you forsaken me, in your heart’s forsaken me, in your minds forsaken… MEE!!!
I’m sorry. Chop Suey is good, and I had that song in my head ever since I heard the name of the DLC.