Oryx`s father was not hive

In the Taken King expansion we see that he/she has wings. So I thought that he might have the gene of a different species of alien. If the Osmium king was not a hive but was a species that had wings then the gene would have been passed down to him. Oryx is also the only hive to this point; writing this in Feb.; that we know of to have wings. As for Savathun and Xivu-Arath we don`t know if they have wings or not.

I am not an expert on the genes of aliens, or genes in general,but as far as I know if one being has the gene and pases it down to its offspring sometimes the gene dosen`t click?

Savathune might actually have wings because the knights on titan have wings.
Or those might just be capes and they are refugies of the Dreadnought.

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I would disagree with you. It says at some stage in the books of sorrow that Oryx grew wings. It implies that he decided to. I would also say that in Destiny having interbred alien species seems highly unlikely. Interesting idea though.

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The race we know as the Hive didn’t exist until after the sisters Aurash, Xi Ro, and Sathona accepted the bargain with the worm gods. This bargain involved taking the larvae of the worm gods into their bodies, allowing them to form a symbiotic relationship with the larvae. The sisters, now known as Auryx, Xivu Arath, and Savathûn, then took the larvae to the rest of their species. Those who accepted the larvae became the Hive, while those who refused were killed. In return for accepting the bargain, the Hive were given immortality and great power.

Prior to this bargain, Aurash, her sisters, and the rest of their race were a species known as the proto-hive. The proto-hive had a lifespan of only ten years, except for those who were “mothers”, who could live for much longer. Oryx’s father, the Osmium King, was one of the proto-Hive, not the Hive. There is no mention of what the Osmium King looked like, although the Helium Drinkers, who were also of the proto-hive species, are described as having “two legs, two arms, and three eyes”. It’s likely, although we can’t be sure, that the Osmium King looked like these Helium Drinkers and didn’t have any wings.

It’s not clear if Oryx gained wings when he took on the king morph, or whether he grew them at a later time. In XXXV: This Love is War, Xivu Arath says, “Although he was born at the bottom of the universe, and taught to burrow, Oryx has grown wings.” XXXVIII: The partition of death says, “One day Oryx decided to grow new wings.” This suggests that Oryx may have changed his appearance more than once after taking the king morph, so perhaps the wings were a later addition. There is further possible evidence that the wings may not have been there when Oryx first took the king morph in XLIII: End of Failed Timeline. In this card, Quria, a Vex mind, tries to simulate Oryx but is only able to simulate Aurash, the proto-hive form of Oryx before he accepted the bargain with the worm gods and took on the king morph. This simulated Aurash was “Oryx minus the symbiote organism, minus the wings and morphs, minus the weapon, minus the power.” The wings being mentioned separately from the morphs may suggest that Oryx did not gain the wings when he took on the king morph but instead grew them later.


Well Oryx and the hive have baisicley the same genes but hive genes are corrupted by the darkness.

Because the only thing that is different from a hive and the ozmium king us a worm.

I don’t think Oryx is ‘corrupted’ by the darkness. I think he chooses to be it. He killed the worm god and took tablets from it which gave him the power to take. The darkness is the beings who are anti-traveller.

I sometimes wonder what the Hive looked like before Aurash and co. made that deal with the Worm Gods.

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