Oryx's mate Noctis?

I don’t know if I am missing it, but I can’t seem to find a single reference in the archives to the taken kings mate Noctis. I don’t think I am halucinating or anything but i could swear up and down there is a ghost scannable in the Regicide mission that hints to her. I am going to hop on and see if i can find it. If there is indeed a record of her and i just stupidly missed it, please feel free to correct me!

Ok well I feel silly, the scannable was about nokris not Oryx’s mate…Don’t know why I thought that. But i did get video capture of all 3 scannables which talk about Oryx, Crota and Nokris so that might be useful as the old ghost scan in the archive only has the one about Oryx himself. Do we know who his mate was?

Who is noctis in the first place?

Turns out it was Nokris not Noctis. Which means I read it wrong and should not have made this post…

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Yep, noctis is not existent

Don’t worry about it. We’ve all made mistakes when reading stuff and that would have been something interesting to discuss.

Lol if he just edited it to say Nokris this would have taken a whooolllleeee 'nother turn. ALABAMA 100

Technically oryx was originally female so it takes this a whole nother turn

Now to wonder whether SJW extremists would be cheering or crying right about now…

And nokris is oryx’s son so this theory makes it even worse

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