Other Events happening at the same time?

We all know what is happening with the main part of the City but what is going on with other factions, enemies, unknown guardians like Shin Malphur?? We really have no clue on what else is happening besides what is directly involving our Guardian and the city. I have some theories but nothing is solid with this.

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It would be found in the Grimoire and lore entries for various pieces of gear and quests, and that’s fragmented. Destinypedia has a good timeline that tries to sort it all out.

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Sadly this is something we don’t know much about. Though we can follow a few story lines.

Toland to some extent through his messages.
The Reef, including Variks.
There are some cards to speak to what the factions have been up to.

Most of the grimoire that includes other groups is usually set in the past though.