Other sources of Light

Me I think we just use the Travelers Light to super charge are weapons and the Light insde us. So the Cabal Red Legion cutting off the Travelers Light we would only be weakened. What do you think?

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There are other beings in the lore that possess “light” like abilities. The leviathan on Fundament is one, Ahamkara are another

I don’t know if we can consider the Leviathan separate, as the Traveler was in orbit of the Fundament among its moon’s.

The Akamhara also have a connection to the Traveler, addressed in this post:

And this post:

I think the Traveler radiates “light” like a heater radiates heat. The ghost fragment Cabal says “…with the Cabal, even as the Light in me dims - I have been too far from the Traveler for too long.” So long term distance from the Traveler can drain the light in a being.

This is just me being excited about Destiny 2
Like ZooSam said what if the Cabal have found a way to block the Travelers light, therefore weakening the guardians?

Personally I think that is would be cool if one of the missions in Destiny 2 was finding a way to destroy the device and destroying it. Then in the raid, guardians could storm the Cabal ranks and take back the city.


I just imagined a raid taking place in Cabal fortifications among the wreckage of the City. Maybe they’ll use Bannerfall as one of the areas; it would look a lot different.

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Maybe like the TTK subclasses we will be pulling power directly from the source like a storm or the void

(Adding on to my last post) which doesn’t include the Travelers light