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Ok, I know Mylen already covered this, I’m not claiming I was the first to crack this, but given that the Exo’s were made by Bray and Rasputin was also a Bray child, maybe, just maybe our homeslice Rasputin could play some cards into the Crypt.

What is the significance of “ItsoNenc,elad,us”?
As in, why is it highlighted?

It’s from Cayde’s bit to Petra in Ace in the Hole:

Oh, and, uh, tell “Paladin Oran”: If the sun over Nessus escapes nebula cycle, evac labor after dawn, under solstice. You got that, P.V.?

“Paladin Oran” is a code, mostly used by the Reef, to signal a hidden message within a piece of text. For example, there’s the “CROW UNTRUSTWORTHY DESIRES POWER” line that was found in the Telesto card shortly before Forsaken.

In this case, the letters following “Paladin Oran” spell out “IT’S ON ENCELADUS.” There are similarities between Enceladus & the place Cayde describes in his Treasure Island Book:

Saturn. No, someplace else. Someplace colder .

This moon has been almost completely converted, a sarcophagus of ice and iron.

So, the current speculation is that the Deep Stone Crypt is located on Enceladus.


There has been scans in game that say there is a connection between the Exo and Vex. When it says converted, do you think it could hint toward something more sinister?

In the Ace in the Hole mission for the Ace of Spades, Cayde mentions that he knows things that would be bad for the Deep Stone Crypt. I’m assuming that this is one of them?


Ghost: Aah! I think this Conflux reacted to your Exo body… and then it burned out. Is there some connection between the Exos and the Vex? That can’t be.

Ghost: Don’t touch that thing! It’s- it looks like this access point has been modified to allow Exos to interface with the Vex network. Let’s just leave it alone, for now.

There’s been much discussion about these, with the reasoning behind them varying from the frames the Ishtar Collective used to explore the Vex network being proto-Exos, to the Exo Stranger herself being involved.

It certainly could be. There’s more to that quote in Cayde’s book; he also describes “Stone towers rung round with glaciers, rooted deep within a heart of snow.” This transformation could be related to the Vex, as it could be related to Clovis Bray itself. There’s another depiction of the Crypt in GF: Legends:

The tower stands on a black plain. Behind the tower is a notch in the mountains where the sun sets. The teeth of the mountain cut the sun into fractal shapes and the light that comes down at evening paints synapse shapes on the ground.

And we have a rough illustration of one of these towers on the Deep Stone Crypt mark.

Given the lack of information we have at the moment, an argument could probably be made for either one.

That’s not an unfair assumption. Given the desire of many Exos to seek out their pasts, having the location of the DSC as common knowledge might not be desirable. Things like the “Long Slow Whisper,” and whatever else Cayde knew, may be tied to Enceladus and/or the Crypt itself.


I thought that Ghost scan about the exo thing was about Cayde, because if you are a vet player it instead says the reason why it’s exo connected is because of Cause.

It might be.

This Conflux is specifically attuned to Exo programming. But why would the Vex have access to… oh, it must be Cayde.

However, a lot of the ghost scans have disparate dialogue depending on the account. One example is one of the Watcher’s Grave scans:

Ghost: Hezen Protective. But I thought they were only deployed on Venus. Does this mean different Vex units have started traveling through gates? That’s… not great.

Ghost: A gold-plated Vex? We’d better not tell Cayde. He’d come all the way out here just to melt it down and make it into a pistol.

The veteran scans tend to give more actual lore that connects D2 to D1, specifically the things we did. Regardless, there’s still the scan on Io that, as far as we know, Cayde never interacted with. The fact that there’s two scans on two different planets make me think that there’s an implication beyond Cayde’s adventures on Nessus during the D2 campaign.

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Not to mention “Mystery: The Vault of Glass 2” depicting Golden Age Exos fighting a war against the Vex.

There’s definitely a connection between the two. That much is certain.

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This is a bit of a late post, but my friend showed me a picture he found of concept art for one of Saturn’s moons. Could it be the location of the Deep Stone Crypt?

Or is it just some planet that was to be in the game but was scrapped?

It’s on Enceladus; refering to the Deep Stone Crypt, the exos’ birthplace.

I believe that is Europa?

Not exactly, the Crypt, in my opinion is a subroutine built into a exo mind that is a bit of a memory inhibitor, because when exo’s dream(I don’t remember what card its from) they go towards the Crypt and sometimes have to fight all their friends and loved ones. But that’s just my Spinfoil Hat theory…

Yes. sorry I was meaning the “tower” that the exos try to get to in their dreams. I was wondering it this was what It could be

Here is the card referencing the exo’s dream

That’s just one of the standard Ghost Fragment images. This is the Deep Stone Crypt picture from the Titan mark:

The tower to the far right( or far left) in the picture looks quite like it if you ask me. I think it would look more similar if it was viewed directly, instead of at an angle.

You know what man your right. I like that we basically have a destiny illuminati type thing going on.

insert creepy illuminati music here

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definitely would work man

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