Our Favorite Weapon

In the Bastion quest-line, Saint calls a “shattered” weapon one of our Guardian’s favorite weapons. Is he referring to the stolen Bastion or the sword on the Guardian’s final resting place?

Bastion is “one of [our] favorite weapons” -Saint-14

It seems as though he refers to Bastion, though my guardian would disagree that bastion is his favorite weapon.

Remember Saint calls it “one of our favorite weapons” not the superlative so there’s room for all our Izanagis, Recluses, “Gjallarhorns of old”, and anything else to be our favorite.

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To be honest my favorite gun is the fatebringer from D1

I think it has the potential to be one of my favorite guns, but my absolute favorite is No Land Beyond. Not even a competition, not even close, No Land is my favorite by an extraordinary amount.

It is nice to have the challenge of using an all too normalish sniper in destiny but I prefer icebreaker, also quick plug i made a fan created grimoire to possibly start off a future story based on Rasputin becoming an exo guardian

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