Our new member of staff: erin!


I’m very happy to announce that @erin will be joining the Ishtar Collective staff! :smiley:

She will be joining us as an Archivist/Historian and helping us to summarize and categorize the lore.

Please join me in giving her a warm welcome to the team :smile:

:tada: :balloon: :birthday: :champagne: :confetti_ball: :musical_note: :man_dancing:




:blue_heart: :sparkling_heart: :blue_heart:

Thank you to everyone for all the well-wishes, whether on here or on the IC Discord! I’m very excited to join the team, and I’m looking forward to helping out around the site :blush:


You must obey your nature forever. In your immortality, erin, you must never cease to explore and inquire. :joy:

Welcome to the team!


Congratulations Erin! I’m sure you’ll do a great job considering your excellent posts here on the Commons!


Great job erin! Glad to know you’re on here for good! Your posts are always worth reading!


Congrats, @erin! You’ll do fantastic.