Penumbra expectations

Hey everyone - HEXFYR_24 here.

So, Season of Opulence has been released, and with it, there’s a LOT of stuff to look forward to. Some of this is going to be about basic gameplay, but I’ve categorized it as ‘LORE’ because I’ve got some theories as to what is going to happen in SoO lore-wise. I’ll organize it as best I can.

About Quria…

The Hydra we kept on seeing in the trailer is - as Byf said - NOT Quria! Stop saying it is. Quria, Blade Transformed, is Taken - likely now aiding the curse in the Dreaming City. If Quria is aiding the Curse, then it couldn’t possibly be on the Leviathan at the same time - even despite the fact that Vex can teleport across entire solar systems in an instant. It’s just not possible.

SIVA (?Question mark?)

Due to some various key goings-on, which are listed below:

  1. We just got Outbreak Perfected from a House of Devils attempt to steal SIVA in the Tower.
  2. Eva Levante (or whatever the name is of the Cryptarch in the Farm) has a dialogue saying “Tell me… Did you find any signs of SIVA aboard the [Leviathan]” (That word is bracketed because I’m not sure whether or not that’s the verbatim of what she said.) Which implies that there could be SIVA on the Leviathan.

Could we be finding some SIVA on the Leviathan? There are some database findings that imply that there could be SIVA, and there’s some screens on the Tangled Shore that seem to relate to this.

Furthermore, in the video link above, it is shown that getting Outbreak does not make the transponder disappear, as if it still has a purpose. This is similar to the Awoken Talisman we find in the Forsaken Campaign - we can’t dismantle or delete it, but it still remains in our inventory until we use it to claim Wish-ender from Sjur Eido.

There could be another Exotic in play.

The ideas of Hawkmoon & Eyasluna

I have seen Youtubers and players alike blow their tops over the apparent “return of Eyasluna/Hawkmoon.”

If you haven’t a clue as to what I’m talking about, let me fill you in: In the trailer and art for SoO, we see a particular Hand Cannon appear in a Hunter’s hands, and again in the teaser loot table for the Season. This weapon has the same triangular barrel design, grip shape, and underbarrel laser as the Hawkmoon/Eyasluna HCs. People are exploding over this, as both HCs were powerful D1 rewards - Hawmoon being an Exotic with three random high-damage bullets, and Eyasluna being a Legendary capable of powerful perks and rolls.

This new hand cannon is freaking people OUT, but I personally don’t think it is either hand cannon. The gun shares components, yes, but calling it Hawkmoon or Eyasluna would be like claiming the Last Word to be the Ace of Spades - they both share Tex Mechanica parts and components, both have the same top rail and under-barrel bore (fun fact: an under-barrel revolver has less recoil because the barrel and bullet are closer to your hand than an over-barrel), but they both have key differences - Last Word uses fan-fire, and Ace of Spades uses the standard hand cannon trigger-fire (pull the trigger to pull back the hammer, pull the trigger further to release.)

So calling this new HC the Hawkmoon/Eyasluna is akin to saying that our Misfit auto rifles are actually Ether Doctors, or that our Thin Lines are actually Ten Paces, and so on.

Until I see it, I won’t believe it.


Yes! A new Exotic hand cannon that is coming with Penumbra! Teased just like Thorn was in Joker’s Wild, Lumina can be seen below all of the Season teasers and trailers on This gun looks…

Different. It looks different. Not in a bad way, mind you, but it will be hard to mingle this gun into my Hunter’s color scheme of New Age Black Armory and Mad Monk.

But what of the peks? Hard to say. We only know the name right now, and the looks - so all I’ve got is PURE SPECULATION. Take everything with the world’s biggest grain of salt.

My guess is that, with all of these dark weapons appearing - Thorn, Arbalest (historically, Arbalests were crossbows that shot large bolts, so whenever you use this gun, I think you’re using a large EM field to cause a railgun-effect on a large metal bolt - similar to the science behind a Vandal’s wire rifle.) and, of course, the Gambit weapons - Lumina will be a weapon of Light (it’s name literally means ‘light.’)

So I’m guessing that it will have some sort of Catalyst to generate Orbs, as well as support-type perks (multikills heal the player/heal nearby allies/refresh magazine) I’m expecting it to be decent/powerful in Crucible, but as long as you move in a pack. I’m not imagining it to be some sort of replacement for Luna’s Howl/Not Forgotten.

So that’s it!

All of my expectations for SoO/Penumbra!


I agree with a lot of that. Also, I was thinking that lumina was rose, because it was umm well leaked that it would come back in SoO. And it looks suspiciously like a rose, with petals as the outside, and if you look closely, there are thorns coming out of its barrel.
A side note: Would someone mind getting the picture of lumina and posting it here please. I can’t access to post it here to show y’all the thorns.

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Did people really think that the Leviathan would be the reveal of Quria? Really? That would be so disappointing. This legendary entity being in such a dump, a place Savathun has never touched. And a place where, up till now, Hive or Taken have never been spotted. Why would people think that? It literally makes NO sense to me.

Did they just see a Hydra then some Hive and said “Quria!” Just, how? Why?

The name of the Cryptarch in the Farm is Tyra Karn.

Image result for luminia destiny

Here is that picture of it that you asked for. I did think that it was the Rose as well because of the thorns coming out of it when I first saw it.

if you look at the tip of Lumina very closely than you can see the tip of the silver hand cannon from the SoO loot pic. so maybe we will have to build the Lumina off of the other hand cannon? idk this is all speculation. i can’t find a pic. of that hand cannon so if anyone does, thx.

Another bit of speculation I can add comes from talking with @LordSaladPan over Xbox. He said that what Lumina could be was the opposite of Thorn, so instead of it being infused with darkness, it was infused with light. Or that it was in transition to become thorn. Just a couple of ideas we formulated that I thought would be worth mentioning.

I personally think Lumina is going to be the opposite of Malfeasance. (i think i spelled that wrong) This is all speculation but sense Malfeasance has Taken stuff coming off of it then maybe it could be the good version of that? what do you think? also the shell of the gun looks the same.

Thats another thing that it could potentialy be, but personaly I think that it’s closer to Thorn because of the thorns poking out of the shell and it isn’t hollow like Malfeasance (which I’m pretty sure you spelled correctly). But honestly that would make a bit more sense lore wise because we have the person who made the Malfeasance with us(the Drifter) while we don’t for Thorn and we don’t know who made Rose, so it would be difficult to find it and make it go towards the light like what I said.


I was right on that Hawkmoon look-alike. For those who don’t know, it’s a gun you get from the Menagerie called “Austringer.” Looks cool.

Yet another boring hand cannon that all you’ll want to get on it is outlaw rampage/outlaw kill clip
Cant bungie make new interesting perks for hand cannon?
Eh at least Shadowkeep looks fun with new stuff

Swashbuckler is a nice perk imo

Got it on a sidearm and was pleasantly surprised by the stopping power of it

Yea! Swashbuckler and Subsistence isn’t that half bad. I mean, the Ammo is a big downside. But it can be pretty terrifying.

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