Poor state and direction of Destiny lore

Now people are screaming about PvP balance and PvE content I guess that we lore fans should discuss the state of that part of Destiny franchise. With new season we got ONLY ONE BOOK. It’s first Destiny expansion with this much lore. And moreover, this book is pretty interesting but it doesn’t continue or create any existing story. It’s just teases the Darkness us. Aren’t you tired of the Darkness teasers. We get them from 2014 from the very start of Destiny. I think we received enough teasers for now. In this season we actually got 2 more teasers and they are much better than whole new book because they have reason to exist. A web-story teases us events connected to the Fallen which continue Zero Hour story line. And pretty big teaser from Eververse items??? It’s a teaser that we can finally visit Europa. Wanted to know your thoughts about Destiny future from lore point.

It seems to be pretty on-par for the course, tbh. Destiny’s lore has never been well connected or coherent outside each lore book and so far that has not changed.

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I don’t think the lore is necessarily in a bad state, and as @Melkor_Darkstar said, the lore has always been disjointed at first glance. Part of the wonder of the game is the mystery that lingers behind the topics it covers, that is until they release a Grimoire Anthology or a new expansion based around it and we finally get an explanation for it.
In my opinion the real issue is with the “you had to be there” seasonal FOMO approach, especially this season where the only lore we’ve had is two cutscenes and a book I haven’t even seen yet. It feels like the story writers are asleep at the wheel on this one and it’s a pretty monumental letdown.

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They also seem to have at least two different authors writing and idk how much they communicate with the others. I really wish they would build the game around the lore instead of the other way around.

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