Possibility of 2 warminds

I wonder if multiple companies were competing for their AI to become the Earth Warmind.
Makes sense, best tech gets the contract.
Considering that this could be true, other companies must have had their own version of the best AI program to fit the warmind project.
The Ishtar Collective must of been a top contender, and the ghost fragment vex cards could be referring to their own warmind project and not Rasputin himself.
Would this AI know it lost?
So with the possibility of two warminds active in our solar system and that the IC AI might be a bit sore towards Rasputin leads to many possibilities.
My path leads to the nine.

Have you not heard of Charlemagne?

I was under the impression that Charlemagne was a sub mind.

Nah, he (it?) is a full on Warmind. Just lost to time if I am not mistaken. Rasputin is the only Warmind who is still really active as of now, though. But Charlemagne is, indeed, a Warmind. (But if someone is under the impression of otherwise or that I am misinformed, please tell me.)

I was also under the impression that Charlemagne was a sub mind. Might be wrong though. Ill comb the lore to try and find some info.

I’ll check as well, may as well get to the bottom of this myself as well.

Found it. In records: Tyra it says: “I was correct about Charlemagne existing, just not about what it was. If we hadn’t done that research, we wouldn’t know anything about subminds.”

That card calls char a submind

Ah, my bad. Must’ve heard something wrong somewhere. Read something wrong. Idk. My bad!!

Dang. We both posted it at exactly the same time. Thats funny.

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IIRC the confusion arises from a change in lore partway through game development.

In Bungie’s original, pre-alpha, approach, there was to be a warmind for each planet. Charlemagne was the warmind for Mars. The Seven Seraphs faction/group represented the warminds.

At some point along the way, Bungie changed the lore and Rasputin became the only warmind.

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