Possible Consequences for Choosing your Allegiance with the Drifter

So, as most of us probably know, there was an update last Tuesday (March 12 2019) including the Thorn quest, as well as two other quests, where you choose whether to side with the Vanguard or to side with the Drifter (and yes, I know it’s separate for each character). Both were mostly the same, only differences is whether or not you receive messages from Aunor and other possible consequences in the future. When I went to pick which side for my main character, I sat there and thought of the possible consequences of either side. Though mostly for being with Drifter since he’s who I chose (That’s right! Forget the Vanguard!).

My first thoughts were possible rewards I would be earning and missing out on for my Hunter. But the more I thought about it, more possibilities opened up to me. Possible allies, or, going the direction I went, the possible enemies you would make.

For example, the newly introduced, at least for Destiny 2 as far as I know, Warlock of the Praxic Order, Aunor. In her messages, she has stated that she absolutely doesn’t trust the Drifter, even going behind the backs of the Vanguard or, more surprisingly, the backs of the Praxic Order themselves to spy on him. She also knows some of the “businesses” he runs outside of Gambit, Gambit Prime and the Reckoning, though I cannot say specifically from lack of research. Through the messages, she tries to persuade us not to trust him as well, saying that he is an evil man with bad intentions. She trusts us. At least, until we decide to stand with Drifter, signaling that her efforts were in vain and that we are no longer able to be trusted. Marking us as a possible enemy. But, she was only the second person I thought of when thinking of possible enemies. The first person that entered my mind, one that we have been very much reminded of in the past few weeks. The man who would most certainly hunt us down and punish us for siding with Drifter. A man whose philosophy was created and fueled by revenge, who gives his enemies their last word, and the one who “follows the Light like a zealot.” I am of course talking about “the man with the golden gun,” Shin Malphur.

Though he was the first person I thought of, I didn’t exactly think too deep about it. But, this came to mind once I chose my side, “I might fight Shin Malphur.” The thought of it honestly scared me somewhat, the chance of fighting, possibly to the death, the man who is no novice when killing other guardians is something that all guardians don’t even want think of trying.

But, despite possibly being marked as an enemy by the Praxic Order, the Hidden, and even possibly the Vanguard and Shin, I did not care. I simply envisioned the stress, the excitement, the fear, and the thrill I would feel fighting and/or ending Shin. I envisioned such a scenario, accepted Drifter’s offer of trust, and simply said to myself the following. “Bring it on Shin. Let’s see who’s Golden Gun burns hotter.”

Man I got way too into this, maybe I am truly a bad guy.

Oh, did I mentioned the possibility of us being the first guardians in decades to be thrown into prison. Because that is actually a possibility somewhat backed by lore, though probably not an idea that Bungie would go with, at least I wouldn’t think that they would.

The events that take place in Forsaken (in my opinion) mirror’s Shin’s grief over Jaren’s death and his desire for vengeance, only it’s applied to our guardian. It literally feels like we heard the legends and now we’re having to face the same decision as Shin. Do we fight or do we deal with it?

So with that in mind, I feel like the consequences have already made themselves known since we’ve seen the damage or in some viewpoints the assistance Shin has made.

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Didn’t think about that, explains the recent involvement Shin has had that I didn’t really take into account.

Honestly I look up to the Praxic Order and Shin quite a bit. Seeing Shin especially as a role model for writing my main character, Jubi (who I named myself after). He looks up to Shin after he was saved from being executed in a raid by the Fallen. He was a Warlock but always had a draw to revolvers. In any case, he’s ALSO very interested in the Darkness, figuring out what makes it tick and how it’s different incarnations live, act, work, etc. and how the City can benefit from it. His fascination lies more in the Vex’s tech and Hive’s methodology, and how to use it to benefit. This becomes a much bigger part of his arc after the death of Saiki, his girlfriend. (Sorry for the tangent) He would likely stay neutral, helping both sides and doing what he thinks will further his ideals and the safety of the City. Which makes him sound like a goody two shoes, but really he’s more of an Anti-Hero at times or that cool uncle that you only see a few times every year.

Just a PSA about Shin he’s not who you might think… Shin Lore