Possible Future with The Fallen, Again(Fallen Theory # Holy Shanks, How Many Of These Have People Made)?

So as, well, the majority of us know (don’t want to assume), there have been many hints to a possible Fallen alliance. Sure, we’ve had Variks in D1 and The Spider in D2 Forsaken, but that’s not what I mean. What I mean is a full on alliance with both sides having equal footing, or about equal. Less like “friendly accomplice” and more like “die hard comrade”. This has always been teased since, if memory serves right, the beginning of Destiny, and it seems perfectly reasonable as to why, they have basically tread the same path as them, only difference being that the Traveller stayed, reason being highly varied, with us and proceeded to make ghosts which make Guardians. That, and the fact that they turned to pirates and thieves, which is why they haven’t ever actually made a 100% alliance with mankind and maybe why, after following it to our solar system, the Traveller still rejects them. But, recent pieces have fell into the puzzle that makes this want of an almost brotherhood relationship with the Eliksni less like a dream, and more of likely possibility.

Be aware, this will contain small spoilers for the…secret quest that dropped with the update on 05/07/19. Though I will signal when these spoilers come about, this is just a heads up, you’ve been warned.

Ever since the beginning of Destiny 2, the hints of another Fallen alliance were there in the beginning. This all basically led to The Spider in Forsaken. Most thought that he would be all there is, at least, until the lore books showed that was not the case. Mithrax, the fallen that had been captured by the Awoken, but actually was treated fairly well, at least, compared to others. He even had a conversation with Shiro, the legend among the Awoken. Eventually he got away, with a new mindset and process of thinking on practically his entire life. He realized that those who he’s seen as enemies for years, may actually be good allies. With this new outlook, he set out with a new goal, to create a House of Light. Made to help protect the Traveller however they can, and to maybe one day become aligned to its current chosen, humanity. Of coarse, this would take a long time, seeing as at the time he was but a simple vandal, who actually was on the verge of being docked by his own mother (talk about a harsh family relationship) for being captured. After some time, he began to travel, journeying and growing stronger to eventually reach the position of Kell of his own house (maybe with Variks as his Archon Priest, that’d be neat). Along his journey, which was more of a trial of survival than anything, he came across two guardians, a hunter and a warlock (I think, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong). These two, instead of just killing him then and there, let him come along, making Mithrax the first Eliksni to be in an official fireteam with guardians. With their help, Mithrax became a the rank of captain, and a strong one at that. Once he reached this point, he saw that it was his time to leave his friends to create his “House of Light.” But before that, he had them help him reach a special someone’s tomb, to thank them for fixing his sight on his kind and others. And, that was it about him for a long while, only really hearing about small bits of info on small things. So, this rant is now pointless? A waste of time? Well, it would be, before the update.

Here’s where spoilers come up, if you want to, leave now.

With the release of the newest update, a room on Titan became accessible. Inside it, a Fallen Transponder with text hinting at several nodes hidden in the EDZ and on Nessus. After collecting all six, an encrypted code came through the transponder. After deciphering it (somehow), it lead to the basement of the Farm. In said basement, there was nothing but a few shelves, and a light showing the shadow of a Fallen Captain. It is revealed that this lone creature is Mithrax, the self-made Kell of the House of Light (The “Kell of Light”?), and he has a request. Through rendezvousing with him you are taken to the Tower, the original Tower, with its, very little, reconstruction halted by a large assault of Fallen. Once you backtrack from what is essentially the ending area of the mission “Homecoming” to the beginning, you find who was the leader of this assault. Erramis, the Shipstealer. Not only that, but the current Kell of the reforging House of Devils, and the one seen, by an anonymous agent, as the one most likely to unify the Fallen. Your goal, kill’em. And along the way, Mithrax stays in the shadows, assassinating any Fallen who may ruin your stealth assault. This is quite obviously huge for two reasons. 1) You kill the Devils’ Kell, putting them out of the game not long after they began gaining ground. And 2) You are working along side a Fallen. But not like with the Spider, who sends troops as a sort of thanks for reacquiring his caches and “stock”. Here, you two are working side by side as true comrades. Well, almost, clearly he’s not going to entirely trust you since he’s never met you before, but has enough trust since you went through the trouble of deciphering his message. Still, this is huge.

But wait, there’s more, that I don’t know because this is literally as far as I know. I would wait till I know all of the info, but that seems pretty far from now and this single bit of theoretical spewing has gone on long enough. To those who read this far, take this as you will. Put this into theories of your own. Add theories on top of this in the comments if you want, since I probably won’t be revisiting this theory until I know everything the quest has to offer. And, of course I was kind of inspired to type just this, but i’ll only leave one clue as to who.

Per Audacia Ad Astra

There that six months thing is again… hmmm. Oh well. Also, yes, yes yes and even more yes. This is something I have been wanting to see for sooo long. I would love to finally see Elinski guardians!

I don’t think that the boss at the end of Zero Hour is the Kell of the reformed House of Devils, just one of her barron’s that just happened to be leading the assault to reacquire Siva using the Outbreak just I’ll need to double check the boss name because the current leader of the Devils is named Eramis


Is it? My bad, I thought it was. Guess I read it wrong or something.

I still might be wrong

I feel like this is correct, we might become allies with mithrax, after all we did spare him during enemy of my enemy which he probably didn’t expect, also it has been leaked that the cabal and fallen might be on our side in D3 so we figured that it would be calus’s cabal on our side and now that you mention this probably mithrax’s fallen on our side with the help of variks

I’ve just noticed I spelt her name with a second r, it’s actually Eramis. Also forgot to mention that she was a Baroness of the Devils, and was captured during the Wolf Wars and escaped thanks to Variks’ prison break.

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I actually forgot about that when typing this out, so thanks.

Now I feel stupid. You don’t kill Eramis, you kill Siriks, Loyal to Eramis. Sorry.

Its all good. think of it this way; you learned something

I’ve also just realized I called Sjur Eido “Shiro”. I have no idea how and why, we haven’t heard from him for a long while. I’m surprised no one noticed that, but that doesn’t make it nonetheless embarrassing. Woops.

We last heard of him during his Ghost’s Speech for Cayde in Ghost Stories

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