Possible vex base in our system

I found this in the transcripts of ghost scans for Nesses
Ghost: I’m getting some interesting signals here. This thing is connecting to … something. Opposite Mercury’s orbit, on the far side of the Sun. What’s out there?
what do you guys think this is?

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Perhaps another powerful Vex mind?

If it’s picked up by sensors and stuff, I think it might be a dwarf planet sized vex construct, it might be the ancient device that sent the Vex to our solar system in the first place.

Maybe… dude it’d be SO COOL to go to the Vex home world.

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more like the home machine than anything else

Yeah, but you know what I meant when I said “home world”

I thought the vex came into existence when Crota was in his daddy’s throne world and sliced open the space time continuum and BOOM- vex on the field. Then they ran from Oryx and ended up here. Or I read it wrong. Here’s the page:

I think that’s more when the Hive saw them for the first time, not necessarily when they popped into existence.


Yeah. I agree with Crystal. That had to be the Hive’s first sighting. Not their first existence.

Ok. Maybe they were in some kind of alternate universe and the rift Crota made allowed them in to our universe? I wouldn’t put it past Bungie for there to be an alternate universe.

Ya that sounds more like what would have happened. Maybe they came from the place where the jump into timelines?

Now that would be cool to see. Hundreds of vex jumping between timelines. That would be an awesome raid.

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YES! Maybe we follow the vex into different timelines, and fighting in historic place, like the twilight gap, the on the cabal homeworld, then on the dreadnaught or something. That would be really cool.

What if we went… To Fundament?

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Tun tun tunnnnnnnnnnn. That would be really cool too.

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Now that would be a raid I would do many, many times.

Agreedddd. That’d be fuckin BOMB.

I keep secretly hoping that Asher will start to understand/reveal information about the Vex as his “corruption” continues.

His angry rants could possibly turn into angry actions… -insert twilight zone theme-

one day where we go to usually see asher we instead see like a vex goblin or hobgoblin using passive agressive beeps and speaks in morse code at us

Looool, that’d be a sight to see.