Powerful characters and where they were when they could have saved the galaxy

Something has been nagging at me. Besides the Speaker (who is assumed to be one of the most powerful characters, and the Vanguard along with him, who are bound to logistical jobs from an in-universe standpoint, and to the role of quest-giver as opposed to plot device in a metagame perspective) there are a number of characters in Destiny who are powerful, unaccounted for, and absent while our beleaguered Guardians are handling the three most recent major threats to the City; Atheon, Crota, and Oryx.

Now I realize that for those with lifespans as long as Guardians and the slew of heroes before our time, a new major threat must come every few cycles. After all there had to be a time when Saint-14 headbutting a Kell was the biggest decisive blow against our enemies yet. However, there’s something of an…urgency to the threats we dealt with in the game time period, and it confuses me that characters with power and influence failed to interfere. Osiris, it’s supposed, worked with Eris and Mara Sov to arrange things for our defeat of Oryx, and Toland contributed in his own way, but the players I’m referring to - major players - are namely, the Sunbreakers’ Leader, who is said to be one of the most powerful Guardians alive, and Shin Malphur, who I have encountered no reason to believe is dead or otherwise indisposed.

If the Sunbreakers are working with Osiris, that’s plausible that they would be pursuing their own ends, but in our experience Osiris has been concerned with the greater good, and it seems to me that with that kind of power, the Sunbreaker leader (remind me of her name) could have been helpful. Where the quiznak was she?
Shin as well; after killing Yor he more or less disappeared off the map. He’s spoken of as a “Renegade Hunter”. Does that mean he left the City like the Sunbreakers in some way, or simply that his pursuit and assassination of Yor was not sanctioned or condoned by the Vanguard or Speaker?

I’m sure I missed some characters that are unaccounted for. We know Uldren has an excuse, and something happened to Saint-14 I assume since we never heard of him after he went after Osiris, but I can’t think of any more major players, so if you can, be my guest. Any theories or thoughts otherwise?

Shin Malphur is alive still. The Sunbreakers’ leader is called Ouros, and she’s still alive. However as to what her role in all of this, that’s uncertain.

Right, and Ouros contacts us directly in the Sunbreaker subclass mission, so if she could and would do that much, why not lend her power herself? Is she pursuing another objective, for instance? Just thinking out loud; I know we have few answers

I think the Sunbreakers are still active, with those who died to the Vex dying knowingly so that our Guardian would come and take the Hammer of Sol. Ouros doesn’t seem to be saddened by their deaths, which either implies it never happened or they willingly sacrificed themselves. Just a thought.

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I’m assuming that major players like Shin and the Sunbreaker leader are doing things they feel are important and are not able to combat these things. A theory I have over these characters being gone is that as we have seen from Jagi’s host and other fireteams and the Iron Lords they head off to find or do something and sadly underestimate their opposition are killed or have lost their ghost and now can not help per say.

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I actually have a theory on Jagi’s Host, check it out - it’s one of the topics in this forum.

Yeah i just read it is very solid it could have happened

We may never know for sure.

I do agree though that Shin and Ouros could be dealing with stuff equally important from their perspectives. We have many enemies unaccounted for.

It seems as though the Vex threat on Mercury is either not an important mission to the Vanguard and therefore not being dealt with or is being dealt with by the Sunbreakers and Osiris. I’ll probably go make a post to concerning what some things could be happening at this same time.

At this point, I think it’s mostly just one of the cases of “gameplay before story” that we encounter in Destiny.

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Probably which is sad.

Some of our disappearing heroes could be part of the “time traveling army of Osiris” theory if that’s your cup of tea.

That’s a theory I haven’t heard yet but I don’t think that could be it but what do I know.

I’ve never heard of that theory. Can you elaborate,@RedRenegade?

I think it does kinda come down to video game logic. We are the main character so we get to do the coolest stuff. We also have not seen NPC missions and have only recently started seeing other characters doing stuff with us (Saladin at the temple). So most likely it is because of limits in the game and story telling decisions.

Though we do know that the Speaker does not like those who hold great power and think differently then he does though there are a few very powerful people in the tower. I think eventually Guardians either reach a point where they pledge their legend to the City or they believe there is a better way and leave the order. Those who have proven themselves as leaders remain in command where we are “A Wrench” a tool and not a leader.


Link to Myelin’s video is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNiVdWPeAAU

I don’t necessarily agree with this theory, but, spinfoil hat on, I don’t disagree either.

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It’s interesting. I won’t deny that it seems far out there, since whenever I hear “time-travel” I think of Doctor Who and its crazy fandom, but it seems plausible. However I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve looked at all bits of lore related to Osiris and his cult. The whole picture must be assembled first.

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