Pretty nice Zavala/City backstory video if you haven't seen it

This video contains no gameplay, and is all backstory so it will not spoil anything if (like me you are trying to hold out on D2 spoilers), but as a lore fan it does have some great backstory in it. The audio isn’t great because it’s essentially a screen capture from the event, but its the best copy of the video I could find.


Super great scene for the lore nerds. Few things i noticed.
-Some might wonder how theres an awoken on earth (theyre only from the reef), he was rekindled in a crashed ship, so it seems that early on after the collapse, the ship took off from the reef to earth, and crashed there.
-notice how the vandal was carrying a white m16-type rifle, this shows how the fallen are scavengers
-at the time we saw of zavalas rekindling, the iron lords were in their prime.
-i do not think that saladin is with shaxx and zavala in the scene, as he should be out with the iron lords (though it is entirely possible that it is him)

  • The clip with the speaker just highlights how hes not evil. (Of course combined with the motes of light grimoire card, which imo makes him more innocent or purehearted than even the cryptarchs)
    -At the time we saw little amanda holliday, her mother was dead (we hear of this from the chaperone questline, that the original was lying in a shallow grave with its owner) and this adds a bit more weight to amanda as a child.
    -(ikora cayde and zavala)
    This is a reminder that in all of these scenes, they arent vanguards yet, the position hasn’t even existed, they arent even the first vanguards (andral brask and osiris)
    -last point, this entire cutscene happened before the faction wars, the concensus, and before the name of the guardians
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