Psions and Oxa Machine

Hi there!
I’ve been currently sharing some lore about Destiny to some friends. Sometimes it’s hard to remember it all so a little check in the archive helps me out alot when I got some missing pieces in my memory.
However, a question popped up which I wasn’t able to answer nor find here.
So I’m hoping some of you guys can help me out.

We we’re discussing the origin of Psions and the Oxa machine.
Eventually after sharing what I knew, I could not find the source of my knowledge hence making me questioning myself. There is nothing more bothering doubting yourself, especially when you’re trying to figure out why you’ve believed what you believed.

So let me start with what I thought I knew;
The Psions where once a peacefull race living on their own planet doing their own stuff. They are an intelligent species with telekinetic abilities and love for science. They were also the creators of the Oxa machine which gave them the ability to see in the past, present and future.
The machine was not easy to control so it gave them rather glimpses of visions instead of the whole story of the visions they received.

The Oxa Machine showed them a vision of the cabal, a mighty race with Calus the emperor and psions sitting high up in the rankings aswell as decorated psions soldiers on the battlefield making a difference.
But the machine did not reveil how the psions gained their ranks or trust to the Cabal Empire.

When the Cabal came to Psion planet (planet named Sindu is it?) they were enslaved. The Cabal came as Conquers.
Enslaved by the cabal, loosing their Oxa Machine to Calus, they wasn’t a peacefull or happy people anymore.
Some Psions managed to escape, fleeing to a moon and build a new Oxa Machine.
Calus who possed the other machine saw this and was greatly impressed by the Psion who build the next-gen Oxa Machine.

From here on starts the vision the Psion recieved.
Calus personaly traveled to this moon, greeting the psions and gave them offer they couldn’t refuse.
Join him and the Cabal Empire and grow fat from knowledge. Setting free the captured Psions giving them the chance to join their military and access to their libraries. The Psion who created the second Oxa Machine was a granted a seat high up in Cabal empire.

End of what I thought I knew.
The problem I’ve stumbled across here is that I can’t find any of this information in The Archive.
Also it doesn’t make sense if I’ve made all this up because I feel it is so detailed to just be a story my mind has made on its own to fill some missing pieces.
There is also a second problem to this, hopefully I’m just wrong here; I’ve also got the impression that Future War Cult are currently in possession of one of the Oxa Machine the Psions made. Why do I think so?
If they are, how did they manage to get their hands on one of the machines?

Hope some of you guys can help me out. Maybe the information are in The Archive and that I have been blind enough to see any of it.

What specifically do you need help in finding out?

I did some research myself. The I nformation you are looking for originates in the lore book that released exclusively with the Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition. Destinypedia has a page about it.

Thank you!
I forgot about the Cabal Booklet, seems like what I believed was almost correct but not quite.
Do you happen to know how FTW gained the Oxa Machine? If they ever did.

Future War Cult has a different device based on Vex technology. OXA is Psion technology.