Quest: A Ranger Found, The Nightstalker's Trail

Name: Quest: A Ranger Found, The Nightstalker’s Trail
Recorded: 2020.03.02


Cayde-6: Guardian, I’ve been trying to raise Tevis. He won’t answer. Either he’s in over his head, or… look, that guy owes me a lot of Glimmer, so, uh, he better still be kicking. Alive, or the other thing, we need to find Tevis. There aren’t a lot of Nightstalkers in the field. We can’t afford to lose his connection with the Void to the Vex. Go get him.

++ Pantheon, The Black Garden, Mars

** The Guardian steps through the Gate and arrives in the Black Garden.

Cayde-6: Tevis is a cheat. And a liar. And he smells like a barrel of Thrall spit. But he’s our cheat. The Vex can’t have him.

** The Guardian searches for Tevis, defeating the Vex which they encounter. The Guardian finds destroyed Vex units with Void energy. Nearby, the Guardian finds Tevis’ body.

Ghost: Tevis is gone, but the Light in his bow still burns.

Cayde-6: Won’t stay lit forever. Make it your own.

** The Guardian takes the Void Light from Tevis’ hand, forming a bow out of Void Light and firing a Void arrow into the distance.

Cayde-6: You know, I was there when he first picked up that bow. You have it?

Ghost: We do.

Cayde-6: Take them out, Guardian. Make them pay.

** The Guardian defeats multiple waves of Vex using their newly acquired Shadowshot.

Cayde-6: I’ll be honest, Guardian. I wasn’t sure you could connect with the Void. I should have known better. We may have lost Tevis, but your strength means the Vanguard still owns the night. Come on back.

++ Hall of Guardians, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian returns to Cayde-6.

Cayde-6: You did good. Tevis cheated in every game of dice we played. Wish he were still here. Keep his bow safe, Guardian.

** The Guardian receives a Nightstalker’s Cloak.

// REFERENCE {item:Nightstalker’s Cloak}

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