Quest: A Ranger Lost, The Nightstalker's Trail

Name: Quest: A Ranger Lost, The Nightstalker’s Trail
Recorded: 2020.03.02


++ Hall of Guardians, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian approaches Cayde-6.

Cayde-6: Feel like taking a trip? I got a missing persons case. I sent a Nightstalker named Tevis to check out a Vex gate on Venus. He didn’t make it back.

** The Guardian heads to Venus.

Cayde-6: What does it mean to be a Hunter? I say, it’s all about where you belong. The Warlocks have their libraries, Titans have their walls… but Hunters belong in the wilds. Out there, you wanna live? You better have a quick shot, or a sharp blade. A lot of us are loners. But that’s not the only path. Some of us know the difference a Fireteam makes. Some of us… we touch the Void. Make it a part of us. And then we take a name… Nightstalker. Hunt from the shadows, pin them down, and never let them see you coming.

++ Campus 9, Ishtar Sink, Venus

** The Guardian finds piles of destroyed Vex covered in Void energy.

Cayde-6: Tevis is our most experienced Nightstalker. We can’t afford to lose him. Plus, y’know, he’s an old friend. Owes me money.

Ghost: A Nightstalker’s bow leaves behind very precise scarring. Fascinating.

** The Guardian searches for Tevis.

Tevis: If anyone can hear me — I don’t think I’m on Venus anymore. This looks an awful lot like the Black Garden.

++ Endless Steps, Ishtar Sink, Venus

Cayde-6: Tevis? That you?

Tevis: Cayde? Good that I can’t smell your breath. Listen, I stepped through the gate. My Ghost is still on the other side.

Cayde-6: Well, he’s in a great mood. See if you can find his Ghost. If Tevis is trapped in the Black Garden, he’ll need you.

** The Guardian finds a massive Vex Gate and is ambushed by the Vex. The Guardian defeats multiple waves of Vex.

Cayde-6: That was a lot of shooting. You all right?

Ghost: We’re fine. I’m picking up the origin point of the broadcast: it’s a dead Ghost.

Cayde-6: Right. Let’s hope Tevis is still kicking.

** The Guardian finds the dead Ghost. Ghost examines it.

Cayde-6: Tevis, if you can hear us, we’re getting telemetry through your Ghost.

Tevis: The Vex are attacking quicker and quicker. I got no Ghost, and a bow that’s short on Light.

Ghost: We can use the Gate in the Valley of Kings to get him out. Let’s go!

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