Quest: A Spark in Shadow, The Stormcaller's Path

Name: Quest: A Spark in Shadow, The Stormcaller’s Path
Recorded: 2020.03.02


++ Tower Plaza, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian approaches Ikora Rey in the Hall of Guardians.

Ikora Rey: Warlocks sing to the sun. We walk the void. A rare few call the storm. To face the challenges ahead, you must understand more of our order. Beneath the Freehold stations on Mars lairs a great Vex Mind buzzing with Arc power. Go, seek it out. Claim it for your own. And begin to walk the Stormcaller’s path.

A Spark in Shadow

** Ikora describes what it means to be a Warlock and a Stormcaller.

Ikora Rey: What does it mean to be a Warlock? Power. Only Warlocks understand true power. True power lies in knowledge. In understanding. Power channeled, not controlled. The Storm is raw power. The trance is understanding. Both are required. The Stormcaller, then, is both the question and the answer. And thus, what it means to be a Warlock.

++ The Buried City, Meridian Bay, Mars

** The Guardian arrives outside of Freehold Station.

Ikora: My Hidden agents discovered a powerful Vex, the Conductive Mind, below the bones of Freehold. It has the Arc Source you need. Find it.

Ghost: Won’t be easy. The Freehold tunnels are still crawling with Vex.

Ikora: Good. Storms emerge from conflict.

** The Guardian passes through a terminal reading “Off World Transit” (OWT).

Ikora: Don’t shy from the Darkness, Guardian.

** The Guardian discovers a battle between the Cabal and the Vex within the station.

Ghost: Ikora, there’s an army down here!

Ikora: Overcome it! They will keep you from reaching their master.

** The Guardian destroys three Conductive Disciples and then proceeds further into the station.

Ghost: Ikora, those constructs were supercharged with Arc energy. The whole area is saturated with power.

Ikora: Find the Conductive Mind. You’re not finished until its Arc is yours.

** The Guardians enter Tharsis Junction and encounters multiple Vex units. Vekron, the Conductive Mind, appears.

Ghost: Unless there’s another lightning-powered death bot down here, I think that’s the Conductive Mind.

** The Guardian defeats Vekron, the Conductive Mind and notices the Arc rippling through the objects within the station.

Ghost: Ikora, we’ve neutralized the Conductive Mind.

Ikora: Then I hope you’ve learned from its defeat. Let’s tech you to wield lightning, Guardian.

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