Quest: A Symbol of Honor, Beauty In Destruction

Name: Quest: A Symbol of Honor, Beauty In Destruction
Recorded: 2020.04.10


** Opening Sequence

Ghost: Let’s just hope some of their notes and prototype parts are still intact. The Crucible tends to be a little rough on the edges.

++ Bannerfall, The Last City, Earth


Ghost: We’re here, Tyra. Any idea where we should start?

Tyra Karn: I have asked that full power be restored to the tower while you are there. You should be able to access Bannerfall’s core database.

Ghost: Got it. We’ll let you know what we find.

** The Guardian enters the Concordat’s terminal and accesses the database.

Ghost: The tower database has everything clearly marked. I have locations for Feizel’s workshop and the archives. Let’s check the archives first. Tyra, how many towers like this are left?

Tyra Karn: At the City’s height, the Titans held the Wall from eight towers along its length. Most have been destroyed.

** The Guardian enters New Monarchy’s terminal and accesses the archive.

Ghost: This is the right area. Let’s see what we can find. Hmm, these are combat logs from New Monarchy’s final assault on the Concordat. Still hard to believe a faction right here in the City would try to rise against the Speaker. This is some pretty incendiary propaganda from New Monarchy denouncing Lysander and the Concordat. Glad I wasn’t around in the City for this. Aha! Here we go: Feizel Crux’s personal blueprint store. Gjallarhorn blueprints, front and center. Let’s head to his workshop next.

** The Guardian searches through Feizel Crux’s workshop.

Ghost: These look like components for their royalty line of launchers. Baron. Viceroy… Charlemagne? Huh. This is a bunch of developmental materials from Lomar’s work. I think some of these designs became the Truth launcher. This is it! These components match the notations on the Gjallarhorn blueprints. We’ve got what we need.

** Bannerfall’s alarm system begins booms through the intercoms.

Ghost: Bannerfall’s early warning defenses are feeding me data. The Fallen are here.

Tyra Karn: I have sent word to the City’s defenders. You will have aid soon, Guardian, but it may take some time to get there.

Ghost: We can’t let them take part of the Wall. Hmm… the turrets! If we can activate the automated defenses, we can hold the Fallen until the Hawks get here.

** Fallen Skiffs arrive at Bannerfall’s courtyard and multiple Fallen units are deployed. The Guardian activates Bannerfall’s defenses.

Ghost: That’s all we can do. I’m reading Fallen all around us.

Tyra Karn: Fascinating.

Ghost: Be fascinated later! Kinda busy.

** The Fallen setup two bombs on the New Monarchy and Concordat sections of the tower.

Ghost: I’m reading two massive explosive devices just transmatted in. The Fallen must be trying to breach the Wall.

** Ghost begins defusing the first bomb while the Guardian is surrounded by Fallen.

Ghost: I’ve got this. Just keep them off me.

** Ghost defuses the first bomb.

Ghost: That’s one down. Let’s find the second before we have to explain to Zavala what happened to his wall.

** Ghost begins defusing the second bomb as more Fallen are deployed.

Ghost: You know the drill. We can do this!

** Ghost defuses the second bomb.

Ghost: That’s it! We got it! We don’t got it! I just registered a massive transmat. A Fallen Captain, and he’s coming for us!

** The Guardian find more Fallen being deployed in the courtyard. Iliksis, Light-Stalker appears. The Hawks arrive and provide support. The Guardian defeats Iliksis.

Ghost: Okay. Now I think we got it.

Tyra Karn: History will look upon your actions here today, Guardian. Return to the Iron Temple. I’m eager to look at what you found.

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