Quest: Beauty In Delivery, Beauty In Destruction

Name: Quest: Beauty In Delivery, Beauty In Destruction
Recorded: 2020.04.09


** Opening Sequence

Lord Saladin: Guardian, you should know the Fallen were not at Bannerfall by chance. They are readying an attack force to move on the City.

Ghost: You’re telling us this now?

Lord Saladin: Have faith. The Gjallarhorn was created to deal with threats just like this. Arm yourself, and see this done.

++ Skyshock, Old Russia, Earth


** The Guardian arrives at an interplanetary defense array turned into a Fallen stronghold.

Ghost: I have Saladin’s notes on where the last components could be.

** The Guardian engages multiple Fallen defending the array and finds the final components.

Ghost: I’m going to need some time to integrate these last pieces. And, you know, not getting shot would be nice, too.

Lord Saladin: Use your surroundings, Young Wolf. Make them come to you.

** Multiple Skiffs deploy Fallen ground troops.

Lord Saladin: You are an Iron Lord. Your Light is a dragon… You will not fall.

Ghost: Whatever you do, don’t let them in here. There’s barely enough elbow room in here for me.

** The Guardian defeats more Fallen and acquires a Scorch Cannon.

Ghost: Did you even know there was this many Fallen on Earth?

** The Guardian defeats more Fallen.

Ghost: Can you keep it down out there?

** The Fallen retreat and Ghost finishes the repairs.

Ghost: I’m done! Come grab this thing!

** The Guardian walks over to Ghost, claims the Gjallarhorn, and equips it…


Lord Saladin: The power of the Iron Lords now rests in your hands, Guardian. Use it. Clear the gap, and remind the Fallen what happened to their number so long ago.

** The Devils Splicers deploy two Perfected Walkers. Ghost spawns heavy ammunition crates throughout the array. The Guardian destroys both Perfected Walkers and the remaining Devils Splicers.

Lord Saladin: Lord Guardian. A fitting title if there ever was one. You are now truly an Iron Lord.

Ghost: Aww. He’s such a nice guy underneath all the armor.

Lord Saladin: Find me again in the Iron Temple, Young Wolf. I would look upon your new weapon, and deliver my congratulations in person.

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