Quest: Bottle the Arc, The Stormcaller's Path

Name: Quest: Bottle the Arc, The Stormcaller’s Path
Recorded: 2020.03.02


Bottle the Arc

Ikora Rey: Mars. The Vex crawl across her surface, seeking out rare Arc storms, bathing in their power like hot springs. We have located one on the far frontier. If you are to call the storm, to learn the trance, you must go. And let nothing stand against you.

++ Blind Watch, Meridian Bay, Mars

** The Guardian arrives at a high-rise amidst a severe lightning storm and discovers nearby Vex.

Ikora: Find a space to clear your mind, Guardian. This is how a Stormcaller begins.

** The Guardian completes their first meditation.

Ikora: Good. The storm is aware of you, but you need its loyalty. Do it again.

** The Guardian completes their second meditation.

Ikora: The storm begins to obey. Once more, Guardian.

** The Guardian completes their third meditation.

Ikora: Your lightning walks its own path! A show of force is in order. Call the lightning and become one. You will either rise a Stormcaller - or not at all.

** The storm rages as the Guardian approaches the edge of the railing and feels the Arc surging through their body. The Guardian is struck by lightning and becomes one with the storm acquiring Stormtrance.

Ikora: A Stormcaller rises. Let’s turn our attention to the Vex. They’re here for the Arc. Show them the Arc.

** The Guardian uses Stormtrance to clear the area of the Vex.

Ikora: None stand against you, and the wind is at your back. You are a Stormcaller, and you wear the mantle well. The storm is both an answer and a question. As you carry your spark from this place, remember this. And teach this lesson to those that would drag you from the skies.

++ Tower Plaza, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian returns to Ikora in the Hall of Guardians.

Ikora: The power of an Arc Storm surges through your fingertips. I can feel it. The air hums with potential. You are a Stormcaller! And you have made me proud, Guardian.

** The Guardian receives a Stormcaller’s Bond.

Stormcaller’s Bond

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