Quest: Challenger’s Proving IV (Precious Plunder)

Name: Quest: Challenger’s Proving IV (Precious Plunder)
Video URL: Challenger’s Proving IV | Precious Plunder | Season of the Chosen
Playlist URL: Chosen, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.03.02


++The H.E.L.M., The Last City

**The Guardian approaches the War Table and a hologram of Saladin appears.

Lord Saladin: Nessus, Europa, the Cosmodrome. Every time the Cabal return to the battlegrounds, so shall we.

Lord Saladin: Osiris has sent Crow undercover to investigate their plans for the Vex prediction engines.

Lord Saladin: We need you back on the front lines. The more you can draw their fire, the easier it’ll be for Crow to slip under the radar.

Lord Saladin: And while you’re out there, be sure to claim whatever you find in the aftermath. Weapons. Gold.

Lord Saladin: Without their home system, they can’t resupply. And without supplies, they can’t resist for long.

** Saladin ends the transmission.

// REFERENCE {interaction:war-table-challengers-proving-iv-2}

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