Quest: Challenger’s Proving IV (To Fell the Mighty)

Name: Quest: Challenger’s Proving IV (To Fell the Mighty)
Video URL: Challenger’s Proving IV | To Fell the Mighty | Season of the Chosen
Playlist URL: Chosen, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.03.02


// REFERENCE {item:To Fell the Mighty}

++The H.E.L.M., The Last City

**The Guardian approaches Crow and speaks to him.

Crow: Thanks to your fieldwork, I have an idea of what the Psions are planning. It’s not good.

Crow: This gadget you found, it’s a tiny Light-disruptor. Small, but strong enough to knock down a Ghost.

Crow: Saladin says when the Cabal sieged the City, they severed our connection to the Light. Looks like the Psions have refined that tech.

Crow: It’s… elegant, actually.

Crow: And deadly. They wouldn’t need to fly a fleet into the City to use this.

Crow: A single gunman would be enough, if they could catch a Guardian flat-footed.

Crow: I’ll tell Osiris. And I’ll keep an eye on the Commander. You know… just to be safe.

// REFERENCE {interaction:the-crow-challengers-proving-iv}

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