Quest: Exodus: Preparation

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Name: Preparation: Titan

“I was wondering who Zavala would send,” Sloane says as you arrive. She seems pleased to see you. “He’s watching the skies, but I’m more concerned about what’s happening on the ground.”

“I’m seeing increased hostile activity across the board. The Hive’s digging deep for Golden Age tech. They know the Pyramids have us distracted, and they’re taking everything they can reach.”

In the distance, you hear the unearthly cackling of Hive. “They think they can pick our bones before we’re dead?”

She squares her shoulders. The Medals on her spaulders clink softly. “Not a chance.”

Name: Fortifying Titan

“Good work out there,” Sloane tells you.

“I’ll put together a plan. In the meantime, you just keep sending those Hive back through their portals in little pieces.”

She falls silent, lost for a moment in the shadow of the Pyramid. She looks out over Titan’s tumultuous seas, her jaw set, her mouth a hard line.

You nod. Sloane nods back. It’s enough.

Name: Preparation: Io

Asher Mir is working furiously at his terminal as you approach. Multicolored waveforms crash and collapse on the screen.

“There you are, assistant,” he says. “I saw you earlier as you ran off after that ship.”

“The denizens of this moon are reacting strangely to the Pyramid. Take to the field, record your actions, and bring me the data.”

“I shouldn’t have to tell you to hurry.” He glances toward the black ship hanging in the sky, and his eyes narrow with irritation. “Time appears to be of the essence.”

Name: Plotting a Downfall

Asher takes your data and enters it into his terminal with inhuman speed. The console emits a mechanical hum, then an incongruously cheerful chime.

“Novel stimulus yields novel data!” he cries, and his metallic arm spasms in agreement.

As he studies the readout, an inscrutable expression twists his face. “There’s a chess game being played here, and someone doesn’t want us to see who wins.”

“Continue your patrols,” he says, waving you away. “I will send word if I have more time to dedicate to your mentorship.”

Name: Report to Zavala

“The Darkness is pushing deeper into our territory,” Zavala intones gravely. The air around him crackles with energy.

“Mars. Tell Ana Bray what we’ve learned about the Pyramids so far. Help her defend against the creatures they draw.”

“Then I need you on Mercury. Vance is in the Lighthouse there and needs to be brought up to speed. The Infinite Forest has strategic value but is not our top priority.”

The air is suddenly still. Zavala speaks softly, almost to himself.

“There’s so much we can’t afford to lose.”

Name: Preparation: Mercury

Brother Vance is running his fingers over his books when you arrive. You tell him of Zavala’s concern.

He nods. “I will attempt to divine which prophesized end-time we find ourselves in.”

Vance traces an arcing hypotrochoid spiral on a thick piece of parchment. “Osiris used obscene amounts of Fractaline to power the obelisks,” he says, shaking his head at the paradoxes the old Warlock tempted.

“Now I feel this taut reality tremble and groan. It anchors countless timelines, all pulling against the chronological center. And this Pyramid threatens to collapse them all.”

“The Infinite Forest is the key to all of this,” he says. “How, I do not yet understand. Any help you could provide would be most welcome.”

Name: A Brother’s Guidance

Vance is studying his scrolls when you return.

“Osiris, the Forest, the Pyramid,” he says. “There are connections here that go beyond simple prophecy –”

He stops abruptly, then whispers in the silence.

“As Guardians fall in the Trials, this Lighthouse chimes a dirge. Can’t you hear it? Here, in the shadow of the Pyramid, the tones have grown richer.”

He tilts his head for a moment , his mouth held in an open smile.

“There. It is the song of life and death.”

Knowing there is much to be done, you leave Vance to his studies.

Name: Preparation: Mars

Ana Bray is studying her monitors in the Clovis Bray facility when you bring her Zavala’s message.

“Look at this,” she says, indicating a jumble of sine waves in front of her. “Harmonic oscillations. What if, before the Darkness did… whatever it did to him, Rasputin initiated an emergency upload and –”

There’s a screeching burst of Hive interference. Her screens flicker as her console reboots.

For a moment, Ana flares with furious Light that scorches her keypad. Then she turns to you, dead calm.

“I could use some support, Guardian.”

You draw your weapon. She smiles.

Name: Shades of Red

Ana is working desperately at her console. On the screen, a single orange line glows weakly.

“Big Red was too clever for it,” she says. “I’ve detected a part of his signal cycling through the bugger. Problem is, I don’t know how to get it out. Not much can safely hold a Warmind.”

She picks up a fragment of Rasputin’s shattered shell from her desk and rubs her thumb over its silver traces.

You hear the muted thud of Cabal drop pods outside. Ana looks toward the sound wearily.

“I need to figure this out. In the meantime, could you ask the neighbors to keep it down?”

She gives you a grateful nod and turns back to her console.

Name: Return to Zavala

You bring your collected reports to Zavala. He looks them over slowly, one entry at a time.

“Give Sloane the time she needs to come up with her plan,” he says. “She’s the best there is.”

“Asher, on the other hand… his theories had better produce results – and quickly.”

“Ana thinks some part of Rasputin survived? I hope she’s right, for all our sakes.”

“Vance’s reaction is… troubling. We need him clearheaded. Fanaticism is a luxury we cannot afford.”

“Our territories are holding together,” Zavala says, but the tension doesn’t leave his face. “Continue to aid them in any way you can.”

“Thank you,” he says, and turns back to the Traveler.