Quest: The Obsidian Accelerator, Lost Souvenir

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Name: Quest: The Obsidian Accelerator, Lost Souvenir
Recorded: 2020.09.10


++ The Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

// REFERENCE {entry:The Obsidian Accelerator}

** The Guardian approaches Ada-1 and places the Obsidian Accelerator next to her.

Ada-1: Is that…?

** Ada-1 takes the Obsidian Accelerator and observes it.

Ada-1: You found it.

** Ada-1 attaches the Obsidian Accelerator to the back of her head.

Ada-1: [gasps] [deep breaths]

** Ada-1 is shrouded in Obsidian Radiance and falls to her knee. The Guardian motions to help.

Ada-1: [breathing]

** Ada-1 composes herself and rises on her own.

Ada-1: Thank you.

// REFERENCE {entry:Obsidian Accelerator}

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