Quick Oryx speculation

What if when we killed Oryx we actually just freed him from the worm? Maybe it was all planned that way and oryx knew that we could free him of his worm. Just a random thought while I’m at work lol. What do you guys think? I think this would be a cool plot twist, however there is a lot of evidence suggesting this isn’t true, just fun to think about.

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isn’t it the purpose of the sword logic? that the worm will be with Oryx until someone more powerful defeats him?

Are you implying that the Worm is now with us?

No, because the Worm is what made Oryx Oryx, if you get what I mean. Without it, he would be dead. Since the Porto-Hive live up to a max of 10 years, if the Worm was liberated, Oryx would turn into Aurash, and then, die.


When we consider the Touch of Malice (and “I’ll Make Sure”) the idea that we in some way helped Oryx/set him free/are continuing his legacy makes some sense.


Really interesting theory, it gets me thinking. Plus if Oryx was free from his worm he might keep his power but wouldn’t his sisters then be able to defeat him? (Sorry for posting so much later)

Maybe, but he still has his Taken to war against them.

But would the Taken serve him?

Yes. That’s their point. To serve Oryx.

Yes but couldn’t they rebel if they realised their master had lost his power? Or if he did lose his power might they just wink out of existence?

Very few of the Taken were left their free will, according to BoS.

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Sorry , I know this makes me sound ignorant but who is BoS?:man_shrugging:

Acronym of the Books of Sorrow.

Okay, makes sense now!

I just noticed something else. In the game itself you can fight Taken forces of Vex and Fallen and Hive but (unless I’m mistaken) not the Cabal. It also opens the wondering of why Vex and Fallen forces serve the king of the Hive. Just a thought. Tell me if I’ve got this totally mixed up.

You are mistaken the very first mission in the taken king campaign takes place in a cabal facility on Phobos that ends with a video of the Base’s compliment as taken

He’s talking about D2.

I see. Well there are taken cabal in d2 as well

I was talking about D1 but I guess I just didn’t notice. I still don’t see why other species serve Oryx though. Especially Vex. Aren’t they supposed to be ‘evil so evil it despises other evil’ wouldn’t that make them hate Oryx?

The individual Vex units who serve him were overwhelmed by his will. The greater Vex collective is another matter, although due to the Taken pathologies they’d fall prey to it easily no matter what kind of despising they do. Also retcon. Somewhat.

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