Radio Transmissions (Work in Progress)

Previously Nessus Radio Transmissions (I discovered that these radio transmissions are not planet-exclusive)

This post is currently a work in progress and will hopefully contain transcripts for all currently discovered radio transmissions when complete.

Note: (?) indicates unclear word.
If you have any additional radio transmissions, please let me know.

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Transmission 1

Unknown Female: I’ve searched the archives for every possible permutation of this Thumos… Thamos… Thermos. I’ve only found transcripts of intercepted transmissions from our old Deep space satellites, broadcasts from other systems.
Field Commander Sloane: We have that kind of intelligence? And we can translate it?
Unknown Female: Well, not easily but with this you don’t need to understand the languages to understand the message.
Field Commander Sloane: I don’t understand…
Unknown Female: The Red Legion announces themselves, Hail Thumos, you who are fated to fall(?). And then after that, its just screaming.

Transmission 2

Failsafe: The hour is twenty-seven hundred local Nessus time, which means here at the Exodus Black, we put the AI into Aria. Tonight I am proud to debut an all new opera written by me! A one, A two, And…
Asher Mir: Confounded Failsafe! You are broadcasting to all channels.
Failsafe: Oh, am I? My mistake.

Transmission 3

Field Commnader Sloane: Mass executions? No.
Suraya Hawthorne: Yeah, Thumos is rounding up lightless guardians and frankly, he aint choosy. His troops are taking civilians where and when they can.
Field Commander Sloane: What’s our plan for counterattack?
Suraya Hawthorne: Afraid we don’t have one yet.

Transmission 4

Asher Mir: This is why my research is continually interupted by embeciles.

Transmission 5

Amanda Holiday: EDZ (?) control this is Holiday. I’ve got a cloaked jumpship ten clicks north-west seeking clearance to land with a resupply from the Mumbassa ruins (Halo reference?).
Devrim Kay: Abandon the approach, we have Red Legion scouts on the ground -public event disrupted audio- incoming aircraft -more interferance- resistance -More interferance-.
Amanda Holiday: Understood, I’ll reroute.


Transmission 1

The Emissary?: I am the doer (?), I have born/ gone (?) to the void. One day the masters will steak forward (??). And then, you will know…

Transmission 2

Devrim Kay: Hmm, what about your other pilots?
Amanda Holiday: Went better than expected I suppose. An Axens (?) crew in the Terrano wastes gave the Legion such a licking they pulled out of the whole region.
Devrim Kay: Music to my ears, miss Holiday. I’ll pass it along, people could do with a spot of cheer.

Transmission 3

Unknown Female: The resistance won’t save us! The Vanguard has abandoned us, they aren’t coming back. We need fresh voices, new leaders.
Unknown Male: This is not the time for a coup.
Unknown male: Then what is it time for? I see no plans from the War Cult, the Last City is smoking on the horizon. The choice is simple, We find our strength or we face extinction!


Transmission 1:

Failsafe: I am matching incoming transmission coordinates and wavelength with amplified signals. Hmm, interesting, is this from Earth?

Transmission 2

Commander Zavala: Thats why I absolutely believe you are the right choice, you are my trusted right hand and I know that as long as you are at your post, Titan will not fall.

Transmission 3

Field Commander Sloane: This maneuver Zavala is proposing reminds me of when I was seperated from my ghost, Twitlight Gap. He jumped 6 Vandals to neutralize the captain with a dagger at my neck. Yeah, that was a bad day.


Transmission 1

Asher Mir: 80 (?) 13 dash forty two. Another day, another ghastly intuition -Dropship interferance- I am clearly the only person in the universe qualified to question what we know about the Vex.

Transmission 2

Field Commander Sloane: I heard a great one the other day; There once was a thrall who was bursting, for this one guardian’s light it was thirsting. But she killed a great knight and the poor thrall took flight and really it was just the worst thing. Ok, maybe it wasn’t so good.


Transmission 1

Commander Zavala: Lackshmi has eyes on that sector, but the Future War Cult is not inclined to share thier intelligence. I’ll ask Cayde if he can ask one of his scouts to move out to that location.

Transmission 2

Asher Mir: Ikora, {too distorted to interpret} running time (?).
Cayde-6: No Ikora, I swear you are not bailing on me again
Asher Mir: Thier spicy noodles are listening (?) {too distorted to interpret}

Transmission 3

Cayde-6: If you see some refugees, tell them to head back to the city. If they don’t wanna go, give them a gun and wish them the best.


Transmission 1

Unknown Male: If anyone’s out there, whatever the Red Legion did its like they flipped the switch. Every guardian and ghost connects to the Traveler’s {audio cuts}… vanish we’re gathering survivors in the north western passage, they took our light, they’re… they’re killing us!


are these the little ‘tower announcements’ that come over the radio at the spawn points?

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I believe the full text is:

FAILSAFE: (cheerful) The hour is twenty-seven hundred local Nessus time, which means here at the Exodus Black, we put the AI into aria! Tonight, I am proud to debut an all new opera written by me! A one! A two! And… [FAILSAFE IMITATES OMNIGUL SCREAMING SOUND]

ASHER MIR: Confound it, Failsafe. You’re broadcasting to all channels!

FAILSAFE: (sarcastic) Oh, am I? My mistake.


Thanks for clearing that up!