Rahool Is Right

For the first time ever, this scum of the Earth guy is in the right. In the new Zero Hour story mission, if you pick up any Configuration tablet, you will be presented with tasks and a description. The description says that it comes from the journal of Master Rahool and it says that SIVA is nanomachine capable of many things and that one misstep (SIVA Crisis) should not stop us from using it to our own uses and possibly help us regain our Golden Age. For the first time since I met this blue prick, I actually agree with him. SIVA has a lot of potential but it was just put in the wrong hands. Rahool actually theorized that SIVA might be empowered or empower a Guardian’s Light. And he is actually right because in the fight against the Machine God Aksis, “SIVA exposure empowers a Guardian’s Light.” SIVA should be a very powerful utility that we should used to reclaim our Golden Age, and we should not see it as an enemy because an enemy of ours decided to become more machine than what they are.

SIVA. Guardians.
Enough said.

I’ve said this before in “SIVA Explanation” I believe.
But still, i’ll say it again, I agree. We shouldn’t let one incident stop us from attempting to use SIVA for ourselves. And, the fact that the Fallen found it is a sign that it cannot be left unguarded. We should use SIVA, moving its control and/or production facility to a safer place that will be highly guarded and, if it does go out of control, will make it easier to deal with, like in the city or nearby. Imagine what we could do with SIVA. Weapons like the ones we were able to acquire back in Rise of Iron, weapons that could enhance itself in combat. Armor that has the ability to grant increased defence in mid-combat. Maybe even apply it to sparrows to make them faster, or even so sparrows can help fight as much as they do with travel. Or the same to ships, making fights off the surfaces of planets and moons capable. Or maybe even give us force fields, or just a large dome shield, for the Tower or even the whole Last City. Or maybe even apply it to Ghosts, giving them abilities to help guarantee their survival, and in turn, their Guardians. SIVA could make a Ghost’s body and shell much tougher, making it less likely for anyone else to end up like Cayde. sniff. It could possibly make it so that Ghosts can actually be on the offensive sometimes, like with a laser, or something alike. It’s hard to imagine all the possibilities SIVA has. We just need to have better control over it, as well as a better contingency plan in case if it does go haywire.

If you ask me, we need SIVA. It will help everyone, Guardian or not, very much. And, if the rumors are true, and the Darkness and its “Veil” is on its way to our system, we need as much help as we can get, even if it means breaking a few morals.

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