Raid Lair Transcript

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++ ???

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Callus: Always mind your step on board the Leviathan. [Laughs] My ship has eaten well today, Guardian. But every great meal risks indigestion. Can you fix this issue for us? Consider it a test. @pirate_dani

++ Upon destroying Argos

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Callus: oh no! [laughs] You better hold onto something! @pirate_dani

++ Callus transports the Guardian back to ???

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Callus: I won’t allow your death to be so trivial. Not after your supplanted Ghaul in such decisive fashion. You were magnificent today. You gorge yourself on danger, you embrace death. When the end comes, I know you’ll embrace that too. And believe me, it will be far more enjoyable to face it together. Reflect on this. And know that tomorrow is not guaranteed. @pirate_dani
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