Ramen ticket Revelation

A lot of people are convinced there is no step 2 to the ramen quest.(I know Cozmo or someone said there was not.) However, look at other “lore items” like The Unsolvable Problem. That says “this item may be safely discarded.” The ramen ticket, although it is expired, does not say this.


I really do think that we should keep it.
It’s curious that you can reacquire it at pretty much any time.

What are they not telling us? And if it is one massive troll, why? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if 1. it WAS a troll, and 2. it was Nathan Fillion’s idea.

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i don’t know what the 'ramen ticket" thing is, because I stopped playing D2, but it will probably function like the “box of raisins” from D1.

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perhaps sometime in the future a new hunter vanguard will come, and we will give them the ticket for a gift or something.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve begun stockpiling them in my vault just to be sure.

Has anyone tried to bring the expired coupon to the ramen shop in the first mission? They added daily heroic campaign missions. I don’t know if you can replay it, but if you can maybe that is step 2.

It might be like a Perfect Paradox where it was only in the Heroic Missions, like @Titan_Who_Loves_Hive said