Random 15th Wish Theory

This has almost no way of being true, but in YOU MUST (which talks about a conversation with Dul Incaru where she talks about our destiny) from the Truth to Power book, it says:


The word cherish could refer to the 15th wish, which has the flavor text of:

“This one you shall cherish.” —Riven of a Thousand Voices

What is the closest reference to a “black hole?” I would say the Shattered Throne, as it is a chaotic space being torn apart like a black hole would. The Reckoning area was another idea, but because it was added after Forsaken, I think it is unlikely.

What do Guardians cherish the most? I think most would say our Exotic weapons and armor.

Which exotics have a mention of being alive? From my research, Whisper of the Worm, Synothoceps, as it has references for it being made of sentient bio-matter, and possibly One Thousand Voices, from it’s lore tab seeming to be talking to us.

So maybe, MAYBE the fifteenth wish could be unlocked by a fire team dismantling one of these exotics somewhere in the Shattered Throne or other Black Hole type place.

This has an almost 100% chance of being wrong.

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How do you get the quote from Riven for the fifteenth wish?

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He got it from Book: Wall of Wishes
More importantly, from here.
Fifteenth Wish

If this is what it is that would be pretty cool, great theory, although I don’t believe that’s what Bungie would do for it, but you never know…

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Okay, this brings up one of my biggest pet peeves about this game. Our guardian has no point narratively wise to do anything in this universe other than “it’ll make me more powerful? You had me at loot!” Personally, this mentality is verrryy angering to have for a hero because they 1) look selfish 2) get no meaningful emotional pay off and 3) it’s generally just a meaningless way of motivating your MC.

Our guardian literally has no meaningful connections with any of the cast of the game (other than maybe the Drifter/Aunor). They purely exist as the ultimate war machine of Light and to go fetch shit for the lazy VG or whatever NPC it may be. This makes me so angry. I get that they have limited resources but JESUS. If you can’t take someone out of the story without emotional devastation to the MC and the players that would make them WANT to go after the big baddie who caused this (sorta like Forsaken, which admittedly gave me some of that but then we went right back to an immortal death drone).

Characters. Are. Important. Use them.

As for your theory… I dunno (still peeved about the whole “exotics over people”) it could be but as you said, it’s unlikely.


This probably won’t amount to anything but I just noticed something that I should have noticed at the beginning. You mentioned three exotics, Whisper, Synothoseps, and 1k Voices. Three exotics, a three man team going into the Shattered Throne. What if the 3 different people scrap one each all at the same time? Sorry for bringing this back up I just found something that looked interesting.

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Or maybe it gives you three different endings depending on which exotic is used by your fireteam?

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Glimpses into the future, maybe?
One of victory,
One of defeat,
One of something that we have yet to discover.


What about the DARCI?
It also seems to be sentient.

What if we have to sacrifice our ghost?? Maybe in a new dlc we have to sacrifice our ghost to unlock the 15th wish and that gives us the power to defeat the darkness.


What if the wish is related to Savathun?

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DARCI seems to be more technologically sentient. The examples I used were biologically sentient, partly alive, which is what the lore book mentions.

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while this could be correct, its ether not likely or 100% percent correct (theoretically anything is possible, but past that no, many things are impossible as of the present) and for me I always though this meant sacrificing the inhabitant of the dreaming city to savathuns plans (she was last seen entering a black hole in the books of sorrow)

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Keep in mind that the quote above is from truth to power, one of the most controversial lore books of all time, given that everything in it may or may not be a lie. So take this with a grain of salt

Welcome to the community. I think that Truth to Power should not be trusted, but still requires analyzation. We need to know more about it’s source and its writer before we can act on it’s words.

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