Rasputin trying to help or create guardians?

So I’m a big fan of Rasputin and like to research him. I was looking over some of the Escalation Protocol armor and asked, “Why does Rasputin have armor specifically made for guardians?”

The first and obvious answer is to say that he is just trying to reward us for helping him will the extermination of the Hive. I’m thinking outside the box here, but what if he was trying to build guardians? He’s got the technology and the computing power to build advanced robot. He’s got golden age weaponry. In the lore, he has viewed Guardians and the Traveler as potential threats. This could be his way of defeating guardians if they do become a threat.
(I’m thinking this through, if he views us as threats, then why would he give us the EP weapons?)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I see your point, but… I think that is more gameplay than actual lore.

Your probably right. Just thought it was an interesting idea, so I shared it.

It is an interesting idea, and for all we know it could be true. I just think that it’s more gameplay than lore.

Maybe in lore this is why he made these armor sets but we ended up finding them and started wearing the sets

Hm, I thought I’d go ahead and give my two cents on the subject.

So, he gave us these weapons due to his little side initiative known as IKELOS. Where it seems he is equipping us with weapons and Armor to execute the initiative known as MIDNIGHT_EXIGENT. Where he is fighting against the Darkness.
Ana Bray, being both his Creator, and a Guardian, means he might view the Guardians as Allies. And even then, we aren’t threats, just potential ones.

As for Guardian building? It isn’t that far out there, though that isn’t the reason why he gave us the armor. He gave it, and the weapons such as Sleeper and the other guns/armor because of his IKELOS program.

Or, on the other hand, he doesn’t need to make gaurdians, just an army. He could just make an army of robots that follow his commands. Like Ember said, I believe he’s arming us to fight the darkness like in his MIDNIGHT_EXIGENT protocal.

Ana Bray didn’t create Rasputin though…Rasputin is a Golden Age AI, isn’t he?

Rasputin was made in the golden age but Ana Brey was alive in the golden age so she probably did make it

one one note geometric Exo’s would be pretty cool but as for making guardians, I seriously doubt our buddy big Rasp here has access to the light, as for the weapons as Ember here said

I found this to be the best reasoning to why he is giving us weapons
as for @Just_A_Shadow 's theory, would you present any evidence for this? It may be probable that she had a hand in making it though. also it is “Ana Bray”

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It’s more accurate she had a hand in making Rasputin she was however alive in the golden age because currently she is a guardian so the topic of Rasputin being made in the golden age isn’t a thing that matters since it on your part was probably meant to mean that Ana brey couldn’t have even helped in making Rasputin but she was alive in the golden age so she could have helped make Rasputin

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Again, Ana Bray (with an A). Anyways, yes that is an interesting theory, as the Bray’s made Rasputin (correct me if I am wrong). So even if she as in herself didn’t make him. At least her family did, which would make him inclined to her cause and allied to her. Unless he resents his creation (suicidal all powerful AI, uh oh) or his creators.

On the note of Rasputin though, I’d like to see him gain a more physical body to interact more and vouch for himself. So a robot army (which would basically just be the Vex but Rasputin) or at least a messenger or Exo with his consciousness would be really cool to see in game for me.

I’ll find my sources, but last I checked, Ana Bray was the head lead on creating Rasputin. She helped create him in her last life. The only reason she knows is because she was resurrected with all of her old gear. Basically, she was surrounded by her memories/paths to gain her memories.

Sweet. Wish Bungie would give our Guardian a chance at their past and have it be something dramatic. I want some drama in the Destiny universe between characters and personal division.

I don’t know where I read this, but it says that Ana Bray was adopted, not an actual Bray.

You’re right, she is Adopted. But she still created RASPUTIN. working on getting sources atm sorry for the wait.

Here are thee sauces

Elsie knows I’ve been working in the lab, trying to perfect the scout rifle designs in secret. I thought she’d be angry, that a weapon like this was a Bray project, not something for her adopted little sister. But this morning she surprised me. She handed me the weapon, a smile on her face. She told me she had checked it over, but only I could finish it.

Ana Bray building Rasputin (One of many pages explaining it) She didn’t make him, but she helped make him into what we know today

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As for the adopted part. Well, it says it in her category.
Ana Bray