Rasputin WAS On Io?!


Warning: possibly huge spoilers ahead

I was watching this recap of the escalation protocol portion of the reveal stream…

Reveal Stream - Escalation Protocol

At exactly 7:59 into the video, you can see one of the “music bombs” used in the Arecibo adventure on Io, which are used to cripple the vex. It’s sitting under the bridge in the short scene, and one of the devs mentions seeing “…things under bridges” we shouldn’t be seeing just yet.

This is a big deal for those who are still figuring out which Warmind is where. Personally, I like the theory of there being one Warmind that has been splintered into multiple fragments scattered across the solar system.


Kind of like The Director cloning his brain, and fragmenting it into Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta, Omega, Sigma, Delta, Eta, Iota, and Epsilon (RvB reference there :cowboy_hat_face: