React|choose|act: New information

So I recently read react|choose|act (not act|choose|react that’s something different), and I found some interesting information. But before I get to that, I would just like to ask, was this added recently? Because I’ve read the truth to power book before and I don’t remember it being there. So.

T. Medusa weighs nothing. The serpents of her hair squirm against your neck. “We have to jump,” she whispers. “Forget everything you’ve seen here. It’s all meant to confuse and distract you. I’ll send you another message in three weeks.” To jump, GOTO "

To me, this makes Medusa seem to have something to do with the Dreaming City’s curse. Can anyone think of a character that sends us a message every three weeks? That we cannot talk to during the other weeks.

“If Savathûn plans to predicate her existence on the concealment of her secrets, as Oryx predicated his upon the sword logic, it would be logical for her to safeguard her deepest secrets and her throne world in a supermassive black hole computer. To defeat her would require a journey below the event horizon and the exposure of her most jealously guarded truths.” GOTO R.

According to my understanding, Savathun’s throne world is in a black hole. I’ll do some research to see if I can find ant mentions of a black hole in the BoS, or other things related to Savathun.

“After observing Dûl Incaru during many loops, this simulation reveals her purpose in the Dreaming City. She seeks the key to the Distributary, the world the Dreaming City dreams of, where the Awoken were born and time passes at an accelerated rate. Once she conquers that world, she will use it as a base to gather thousands or millions of years of tribute in a very small span of our time. A being empowered by so much ontological authority would be capable of altering reality at a whim. You must prevent this. I will continue to loop the Dreaming City until you find a way to defeat her permanently.”

I believe that most of the information in this paragraph is already known, such as that it is a Vex Mind/Hydra causing the loop. Or at least it was speculated that it was Queria that was causing the loop. For the part about the Distributary though, I believed that it was Savathun trying to do that, not Dul Incaru. Oh and on that note Dul Incaru is Savuthun’s daughter right? And in Romanian, Dul Incaru means “the charger”. Now this translation was made using bing translate, so it might not be entirely accurate, but, if it is accurate, then… Savathun is trying to charge her Death Battery (citation needed). Dul Incaru means the charger. Theory based on a bing translation time! Dul Incaru is accessing the Distributary to charge Savathun’s death battery, which is why Dul Incaru means “the charger”, Dul Incaru will be able to give the power to Savathun thanks to the power link that Oryx created where kills/power gets transferred up the chain of command.

I realized this is getting long, so I’m cutting it shorter than it could be. After I made this, I read asudeM:

  1. Don’t be led astray by Quria’s misinformation. You must continue to hold the Dreaming City as long as you can. The things I said to you about black holes and the purpose of Guardians were forced on me by Quria.

This basically says that what Queria said was misinformation. However, a lot of the information still stands. There is a lot more information in asudeM, but I’ll look at it in another post.
Thank you for reading my ramblings,

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Hmmm… Medusa seems to be a good Vex Mind? Or perhaps she is merely protecting the Vex with these actions? Either way, Medusa is a Vex Mind (provided I am comprehending this correctly) and she is trying to help us. Which could mean (temporarily though it may be) a possible alliance with the Vex?

I think she’s a construct or submind of Rasputin in some way. When we first see her entry in Medusa, it opens with a similar “AI-COM” line as Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 3.

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Yet again, it could also be a Lie crafted by Quria. From what I understand, it could be a converted AI/Vex. (Similar to Asher, in a sense.) Who was taken into, well, Takenship. And made into a Vex mind of sorts…
Isn’t it kinda weird that we haven’t seen a whole lotta Taken Vex Hydras?

Hmm. What if Medusa is a Harpy, similar to the Gorgons in VoG.
What if she is a Converted Gorgon?!

Yesss I LIKE. Give me my converted Gorgon girl!

Oh… Kay then.
Well, Converted Gorgons would be terrifying. Like, they could use their instant kill “You don’t exist” thing. (possibly). Plus not to mention Taken Resilience.
They’d be much harder to kill than in D1.

Medusa is a construct made by Queria (the vex mind) and is forced to say what she does about the black hole and such.

Yes, it opens up the same way, but the AI-Com/XBLK also opens the same way, except that is the Exodus Black.

Wow, it definitely could be! Medusa in Greek mythology is a Gorgon, so that makes sense. All the Vex are named after monsters in Greek mythology, like Minotaurs, Harpies, and Cyclops. It also states in the entry that she’s a Greek woman, so, it’s also another connection. Very interesting.

I’m pretty sure AI-COM just stand for Artificial Intelligence - Computer

But she’s helping… us. Not the Taken. Which is why I was so enthusiastic. A Gorgon that has allied itself (again, likely temporarily) with the Light/City/Guardians.

If she weren’t helping us then she’d let the Dreaming City be Taken, right? That or I’m just an idiot.

Are you talking about Queria? If you are, then: Queria does let the dreaming city be taken. She keeps it in a three week cycle for Dul Incaru to find the Distributary.

Conclusion: Jubi are the stupid

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Also if no one has noticed, react | choose| act and asudeM, have the names of the entries of act|choose|react and Medusa written backwards. I bet the next entry will be the opposite of one of the previous entries.

I did, but what do these messages mean? If I am not wrong (correct me because it’s very likely I am) then Quiera or Medusa are constantly looping back the time in the Dreaming City until we find out a way to perma-kill Dul Incaru. Which means they are helping us… no? So, they have allied themselves with the Light? Or agreed they are against Savathun.

Quria is against us, the Guardians. But Medusa is not. Which might mean that Medusa could be a Converted Vex who went with the network, but was originally geared towards the Light.
Then again, I’d have to read through to figure everything out. =\

I agree that it is a bit confusing. What I understand is that Queria is looping the curse for Dul Incaru to find the Distributary, but that is also helping us find a way to defeat Dul Incaru.But that doesn’t make much sense… I don’t really get it either.

Is it something like one half is woking against us, while the other is helping us?

Hmm… I think I see where this is going… a Vex mind with Multiple Personality Disorder?