Reduced to Nothing: Prologue

So… here is the prologue. I will finish Reduced to Nothing. If you want a copy to read when I’m finished, let me know. The prologue is taking place in the mind of an unresurrected guardian. He is explaining what it feels like during the resurrection. After the prologue is when the guardian comes to life and goes on his way with the little ghost he now has.

Let me know what you think, and if you are interested in getting a finished copy soon!

Light. Blinding light. Then darkness. This happens for a while. Feels like days. Weeks. Just this… pulsating light shining directly into the pupil of my eye for weeks.

It stops now, and I’m thankful that is has. Now, I am standing in what seems to be the ruins of an old house. It’s burnt to a crisp. This place… it’s familiar. I’ve been here before.

I lived here.

I am dead. Burned up with the house, in a glorious blaze that could not be contained.

But this feels so real.

Light. blinding light. Then darkness. This happens less than last time, but still hurts as much.

I am standing in beautiful gardens and huge fields of flowers so big it would take years to clear away. This is less familiar to me. This is a whole new planet.

Light. Blinding light. Then darkness. This happens for what feels like decades. I must be about to see something I knew.


Do I not know anymore?

I see… a woman. She is dressed in tattered, burnt clothing. I step towards her. As I get closer, I can feel pulsating heat from her body, as if she were an ember. She turn around. Her facial structure is screaming a name that I cannot quite grasp. I try so hard to remember. I can’t. Then it hits me.

She’s my mother.


You should definitely post the finished copy on the site. Prologue has me hooked.

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yeah this is really good

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damn, this is on par with the grimore , I got nothing

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Mmm… I dunno about that. Thanks for your feedback!

Pretty nice! If I weren’t so lazy and weren’t so unmotivated then I’d try to make something similar or better.

Holy crap that’s good. HMU when you’re finished plz

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Will do! I have only just started, so it will be a bit.