Respect the Speaker

Since the launch of Destiny, there has been a lot of debate relating to what or whom the Speaker is, and what powers he really has. Some in the lore community have made videos presenting evidence to support the theory that the Speaker is a fraud. I am here to say that I disagree in several ways, and here's why.

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“I could tell you…but I won’t because my voice acting is too expensive” - The Speaker


Osiris is likely to become the next speaker. Datamining on PC versions yesterday confirmed his return to the Tower, but frankly, there were a lot of hints about it. I think that with Osiris, finally, we will start to strike back, to attack the Darkness instead of merely defending ourselves from it, as we did under the cautious but uninspired leadership of the Speaker.

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I think a lot of the anger and suspicion towards the Speaker came out of a sense of a frustration towards the original game’s campaign (you’d think it’d be towards the Exo Stranger, really), a hunger for conspiracy theories, and a sort of edgy hip dislike of anything like religion. He also didn’t say much, but as The_Darkness said, his VA was pricey. Bit of a Dinklage situation, I imagine, with less need to replace him.

I, too, don’t think there’s anything in lore that supports those attitudes. The Speaker’s role seemed pretty clearly defined to me. He provided spiritual guidance and a sort of political ‘let’s stay on track’ guardrail. Even with The Traveler awake, there would still be need of this. His replacement should not be left as a dangling thread.

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I think either Saint-14 or Osiris will be the new Speaker with the up coming Curse of Osiris DLC.
Especially since Osiris was the speakers student and Saint-14 was well connected to the Speaker so he could have been studding the way of the Speaker as well, and also how loved he was by everyone.


Well then, R.I.P our hopes and dreams!
I really hoped Osiris would become the new Speaker so that something we did for once made a difference to the Tower.
But nope, no speaker and no leadership.
Just an empty power vacuum. Suprised the Consensus hasn’t crashed already.

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Zavala has assumed full command in the meantime, so it’s not like they lack leadership.


This is sad, yes. Osiris would have made a hell of a Speaker. I felt that the character was, somewhat, wasted in this DLC.

For my theory about the ineffectiveness of the Speaker and his hostility versus any kind of striking back action against the Darkness, reading the new comics “The Fall of Osiris” I noticed how they put him in a very bad light.
It looks to me that the Speaker acts out of impulse and without much thinking out. I totally stand with him when he says that Osiris should be on his post. Nonetheless, if taking so drastic measures as the exile of one of the most powerful leader and Guardian was seen as a mistake in the past, now that we know how it really went down to that… it looks to me pure madness.


I for one did not like how they put the Speaker in a manic light. He may have overreacted to banishing Osiris in the past lore, but to create him that out of control did not fit with the lore and the conversations we have all had with the Speaker in D1.