Returning subclasses

So the Hunter and Titan are getting the subclasses golden gun and striker with some tweaks but I am wondering about warlocks do we think they’ll get either voidwalker or stormcaller? I’m eliminating Sunsinger because I believe dawnblade is directly replacing it like how arcstringer(Correct name?) is replacing arcblade and how sentinel is replacing defender.

I heard specifically that self-res was going away, so my assumption is yes it will be gone completely.

So no more bubble nor arcblade and self res. Kind of sad to see bubble go because that helped a lot in raids maybe the raids will be less needy of a bubble. And I noticed that a lot of supers that will be in D2 will be great for add clearing and possible boss dps so maybe the first raid will feature alot of those two where supers aren’t something you hold onto to help yourself?

The gameplay trailer has a very brief clip of a voidwalker in action that isn’t Ikora, so it’s quite likely that subclass will be returning too.

I hope so it would follow TTK in that way.

I believe it’s Arcstrider, which I think is a pretty cool name, although Bladedancer was just as awesome. I’m kind of sad to see the bubble and self-res go away. They were both great raid tools, and somewhat clutch for Trials.

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Strikers can still summon a shield, bit it won’t give perks or completely circle you though.

I kind of like the look of that shield, and I think it will be good for popping up over it and getting a couple good shots in when surrounded by ads or taking down a boss

i feel as though it was necessary for those two supers to go away because they made encounters of any kind very easy in the way of bubble making an encounter like crota or oryx easier. Self res means that any warlock can play a tad bit more radical and less conservative cause they know they can just get right back up.

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What about the TTK subclasses? Do u think they will stay?

Well let’s think about the confirmed subclasses in D2
Titan: Striker and Defender now we know Bungie could just do two subclasses per class as they did in vanilla destiny or they could have three which leaves a solar class out so Sunbreaker could be possible.
Hunter: Arcstrider(aka new bladedance) and golden gun void is left out so we could see Nightstalker
Warlock: Dawnblade and ??Nova Bomb?? I still don’t know about this class because I haven’t seen it confirmed yet but if it is coming back then Stormcaller is viable to come back.

I definitely see your points in that. I main a Warlock, and I do get reckless sometimes when playing as a Sunsinger, because I know I can just res and spam grenades until I’m away from danger. I play more conservatively as a Voidwalker or Stormcaller. I’m looking forward to Dawnblade, however. It seems more useful as an ability that Sunsinger, because a Sunsingers only real purpose was being an extra chance to win. With Dawnblade, however, I feel it will be a lot more viable in terms of crowd control and over all usefulness, similar to Stormcaller.

It does seem to be leaning towards crowd control/support unlike stormcaller. Imo i believe dawnblade will be more aggressive and more of a team player then stormcaller because:

  1. It’s a sword which we can use to fling solar arcs at enemies.
    2.It could be used as a life saver as in the little radiance circle can be dropped down(better than song of flame imo).
  2. The abilities that we saw in the game play are a balance of being able to crowd control yet able to continue to support the team.

I think we do have Nova bomb. Some guy made a vid on it.

Do you have a link to that video?

Here it is:

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I loved my devil may care Warlock with the fiery slap of death

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