Saint-14, Will He Somehow Return?

Although it has been said in the lore that there is a sigil for Saint-14, could that really mean he’s dead? Or was he caught in a Vex timestream and Osiris wants to free him.

Of course, Saint-14 was tasked with putting down Osiris, but considering Saint-14 asked to have Osiris be appointed Vanguard Commander tells me otherwise.

What do you guys think? Will Saint-14 make a comeback? Or will his helmet make a comeback?


If he’s going to come back, I think it would make sense for it to to happen Curse of Osiris. Personally, I hope he does come back, he was an awesome guardian and I hate loose ends!

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Might he comes back with a reboot as Saint-15?

If the leaked voice lines about Cayde’s death are to be believed, I could see him coming back as Cayde-7


i agree with you. since all three the speaker, Osiris, and saint-14 are all connected. and saint-14 was sent off to look for Osiris. it makes since for him to possible come back in the new DLC coming out.