Savathun, When Will She Finally Show Herself?

Year 3 is upon us, and nothing from Savathun OR Xivu Arath, just several assaults from their warriors and children and mentions of Savathun in lore book pages. But besides that, nothing. We know that her plan is to make what Byf and most of the community call a “murder battery” and that, most likely, has Quria, the Blade Transformed who is causing the time loop to help ensure the battery’s charge, so for MONTHS (yes, it has been that long already) Savathun, and maybe even Xivu Arath, have been feeding off of the endless killing of Awoken, Scorn, and even possibly Guardians who try to help. And, yes, I know. She’s the Hive Goddess of Trickery, she’s the best there is at deception, so she wouldn’t actually try to face us in person. But Destiny 2 only has little over a year left.

In an in-game/lore point-of-view, if she feeds for this much longer, she may be too strong to beat. Shanks, she may be strong enough to just kill all of the Worm Gods if she wanted. Oryx killed Akka way back, though how tough it was for him, we don’t know. And a year ago, we killed Xol. Yes, he was the weakest and on the verge of getting eaten by the other Worm Gods, and he had just be unfrozen from a deep freeze on Mars (which i’m still unclear on how, but whatever, he ded).

And, in an in-real-life point-of-view, the hype is building still. If we wait another year to even see or hear her, the flame may be too big to quench. Not for me at least, I hold myself back and wait for the actual thing to happen before I let my excitement to really build-up. But I know many people aren’t like that. The Last Word quest, for example. I found that quite satisfying, due to the quest being relatively easy (though repetitive). And the fact that Shin was sending letters to you along the way trying to talk you out of it, even threatening to kill you, that was very cool. But then I looked at other people doing the quest, and I was actually kind of hurt my heart. Everyone I saw was disappointed, saying “the build-up wasn’t worth it” and “what a waste of time”.

And this is what worries me. The Last Word was teased for a few days, weeks maybe. Meanwhile, Savathun has been teased since the beginning of Destiny 2. Sure, only small things like a few bosses on Titan, then even some on Mars when Warmind came along, but they were all just extensions of her, like Crota’s Eyes, Hands, and…ugh…Will. But now, with Forsaken, we’re seeing her children. As well as extensions of Xivu Arath, even some of her children, though they’re Taken. That’s another thing, Xivu’s becoming present, which makes me wonder when we’ll see her. I imagine, since she’s the Hive Goddess of War, she would much rather just want to face us head on.

But, if we do have to wait until the end of year 3 to fight Savathun, they [Bungie] could do something cool, if they don’t have us kill Xivu as well. I’ve said this in someone else’s Topic as a comment, but i’ll say it here if anyone doesn’t know what I thought of. We could fight them both at once, in something i’m going to call a “Super Raid”. (Yes I know it sounds stupid, but just roll with it). Xivu Arath could be chasing us down with a sword, fighting us physically. Meanwhile, Savathun stays back casting debuffs on us and attacking from a range if Xivu is in her damage phase (maybe in something similar to the damage phase for Crota). Of coarse this will take more than 6 people, but that’s why it’s a “super raid” meaning that, yes it’s harder, but more people can enter. 8, maybe even 10 total.

Point is, i’m worried about the game letting people down. And the longer they keep teasing Savathun, the more worried I get.


I think why Savathûn and Xivu refrain from attacking us is that we killed their much more powerful brother, Oryx. Although Xivu is the war goddess she knows a greater opponent when she sees it. Savathûn is just taking her sweet time because she knows she has dominated the chess board (unless Mara finally comes up with something that will change the game) and she knows that we are only trying to delay defeat. Also for the whole Mars Ice Cap Thing. When The Traveler emitted its pulse and when it touched mars. The Ice Caps started Melting.

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I mean how did Xol, a WORM GOD, A GOD OF HIVE GODS, GET FROZEN, AS WELL AS THE SON OF A HIVE GOD!?!? Especially since they both conjure fire elemental attacks fairly, I mean, extremely well.

If you think so. I only set it to uncategorized because it contained in-game as in gameplay, and irl personal thoughts. And that I didn’t really use any lore, just mentions of it. But, if you two think so.

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