Savathun's Plan in Season of the Lost

After playing Season of the Lost for a few hours. I could not help but make connections and speculate on a few things regarding Savathun. In this article, I will try and organize my thoughts and speculations by stating my speculation(s), listing what we presently know. and listing a few questions as well.

Speculation (so far…)
For a while now, we have known that Savathun is trying to get rid of her worm; and with the beginning of this season we and Mara Sov are tasked to aid her in ridding her of her worm. Mara believes Savathun will become mortal after the worm’s removal, this we know will not happen because Savathun was seen in the livestream with a Hive Ghost. Besides the obvious, I asked myself “what are some other reasons why Savathun wants to break the chains to her worm”? I think that one reason why she wants to remove her worm is because it will allow her to steal, corrupt, and obtain a ghost. It could be possible that she is unable to have a ghost and use the light while she still has her worm. In conclusion, I believe that Savathun is tricking us with the end result being her worm’s removal at the hands of guardians and her obtaining/ corrupting ghosts, giving her access to the light.

Present Knowledge

  1. In Witch Queen trailer, Savathun is seen with a Hive Ghost.
  2. Hive Ghosts look like corrupted light ghosts-not just a Hive creation.
    3)Savathun wants our help removing her worm.
  3. Mara thinks Savathun will become mortal but-Savathun is seen with a Hive Ghost making her immortal.


  1. If we’ve killed Hive gods before (though not easily), why is Mara Sov taking the risk of helping Savathun.
  2. Is Xivu Arath working with or against Savathun.
  3. What role is Nokris playing in all of this?
  4. How did Mara and Savathun meet and when?