Savathun's Plan in Season of the Lost

After playing Season of the Lost for a few hours. I could not help but make connections and speculate on a few things regarding Savathun. In this article, I will try and organize my thoughts and speculations by stating my speculation(s), listing what we presently know. and listing a few questions as well.

Speculation (so far…)
For a while now, we have known that Savathun is trying to get rid of her worm; and with the beginning of this season we and Mara Sov are tasked to aid her in ridding her of her worm. Mara believes Savathun will become mortal after the worm’s removal, this we know will not happen because Savathun was seen in the livestream with a Hive Ghost. Besides the obvious, I asked myself “what are some other reasons why Savathun wants to break the chains to her worm”? I think that one reason why she wants to remove her worm is because it will allow her to steal, corrupt, and obtain a ghost. It could be possible that she is unable to have a ghost and use the light while she still has her worm. In conclusion, I believe that Savathun is tricking us with the end result being her worm’s removal at the hands of guardians and her obtaining/ corrupting ghosts, giving her access to the light.

Present Knowledge

  1. In Witch Queen trailer, Savathun is seen with a Hive Ghost.
  2. Hive Ghosts look like corrupted light ghosts-not just a Hive creation.
    3)Savathun wants our help removing her worm.
  3. Mara thinks Savathun will become mortal but-Savathun is seen with a Hive Ghost making her immortal.


  1. If we’ve killed Hive gods before (though not easily), why is Mara Sov taking the risk of helping Savathun.
  2. Is Xivu Arath working with or against Savathun.
  3. What role is Nokris playing in all of this?
  4. How did Mara and Savathun meet and when?

I like the idea that a reason Savathun wants to rid herself of her work is so she can get a ghost. It makes sense that her worm would not allow her to do that. Also another reason is because the worm will eventually destroy her. Savathun has become disillusioned about the worm gods and the Darkness. She wants to be rid of it before it destroys her. Another thing is that separating her from her worm will make her mortal, we just know that we won’t kill her. We don’t know yet exactly how she gets ghosts or how long it might take her, although I do agree that the hive ghosts could be corrupted ghosts vs new ghosts she has learned to create.

To answer some of your questions:

  1. When we defeated Oryx, we used Bomb logic and caught him by surprise. Savathun has learned from that so it would be much harder to kill her with her worm. Also because of her innate trait of deception, if she still has her worm we would probably never be able to find her. Assuming we succeed in ridding her of her worm, it makes sense that afterwards is when we finally find her throne world. Every interaction we have had with her is always her coming to us.
  2. Xivu Arath is definitely working against Savathun. Savathun has betrayed her by going against the Darkness. Xivu Arath is working with the Entity, who is seems to be controlling the Scorn, the Darkness, the Taken, and Xivu Arath’s hive. This is possibly related to Skira the Watcher, but very little is known and can be confirmed about Skira.
  3. Nokris was manipulated by Savathun and used to stop us from speaking with the Darkness/Entity. She also used him to learn his power of necromancy which could be used in her creation of hive ghost/guardians. He is dead now after we killed him in his pocket throne world. I don’t think he’ll ever come back because his purpose is fulfilled.
  4. I’m not exactly sure on this question. If you mean like first meet, I don’t know if they ever did. I feel like they both knew about each other but never met personally until that first cutscene of season of the Lost. In the Destiny one era Mara probably saw hints of her, but at that point Savathun wasn’t interested in our solar system. Savathun probably didn’t become interested in us until Oryx died. Which was when she started intervening in the Dreaming City as well as the moon. But at that point Mara was still in the ascendant plane barely surviving. Once Mara came back after the event of Forsaken it is plausible that she and Savathun met and spoke, but to my knowledge there is no lore that mentions a meeting like that.

Though I don’t have the answers for all of these questions, unlike Spicy here before me, this whole thing is still interesting, so I will try my best with present knowledge.

Easiest would be that Xivu Arath is working AGAINST Savathun. She is in fact actively hunting her own sister. But, from what we can scrounge up from not only lore, but also from analyzing the actions of the enemies in-game, Xivu Arath is not alone. Taken and Scorn appear to be working together in some capacity. That, along with things Mara has explicitly stated, implies that there is some higher power is leading this assault. As Savathun has said, “the Taken have returned to their original master.” And it seems this master is gaining some new troops.
But, there is still a possibility that Xivu Arath is actually trying to rescue her sister. Though, I have no evidence for this except that, well, this wouldn’t be the first time someone’s intentions have been misconceived as a result of interference from Savathun.

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hear me out, what if the savathun we have is a ahamkara in disguise just think, we will fight savathun head on so what if we have to kill the one we have now because ahamkars can mimic people.

This would be a good train of thought if the Awoken, and more so Mara Sov, wasn’t involved. The Awoken have a history with Ahamkara, and sort of know everything there is to know about them. So, while you ideas could possibly be sound, the Awoken’s involvement kind of stop it dead in its tracks. That, and all Ahamkara (except Riven) were hunted into extinction. But I do think there is some possible theory to be made from what remains. The Witch Queen has a history of not truly revealing herself. But even that’s still a bit of a stretch.

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