Scorned Variks Fight?

What if we had to fight a Scorned version of Variks?
Variks, Most Loyal
Lemme know your thoughts, while I do understand that there probably couldn’t be a Corrupt Variks, I still want your ideas as to how it would go down.

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a mega prison of elders with like 20 rounds and having a mix of Fallen, Cabal, Hive, Taken, Vex, and Scorn, and him being the final boss.

This is a good idea, yes?

“probably not” responds the guardians, nervously

(Wheezy laughter) “All the better then… yes…”

It could be called “Champions of the Elders”

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Imagine if the Scorned Variks can only say “Yes” and so you get iconic lines such as “Yes… yess yess yessss! Yes yes…” and “Yes! Yes? Yes yes yes… yeeeesssss…”

And don’t forget the signature line: “Kill them dead Guardian!”

Yesss yess yess Yes? Yes…

They are dead. You, are not…

“Treasure waits below. It caaaaaaalls to you yes?”

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“Variks… can you please calm down…?” (Variks is spazzing out repeating “Yes” and “Loot”)

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absolutely hilarious