Season of Opulence Ascendant Realm Image?

In the trailer for Season if Opulence we saw a lot of very interesting images, including an image of a part of the Leviathan in the Ascendant Realm. I thought that that scene would show up in the raid. It didn’t. As far as I know, there is no hinting for us to visit a new part of the Ascendant Realm. However, if these leaks are true, then this could tie in with Bad juju. Dataminers found a catalyst portraying the gun in the game’s files. So if Bad Juju is coming back, then it would make some sense that we have to go find it’s owner and maybe do some stuff for Calus. IDK, I just wanted to get this out there and to hear some other thoughts. (Btw if this is some type of Whisper/Outbreak Quest then I will be honestly surprised.)

This is exactly what happened with Forsaken. Trailer dropped showing Dul Incaru at the end of the Shattered Throne dungeon, but we heard nothing about the dungeon until it appeared in-game weeks after Forsaken was released. This is likely the same thing. I’m fairly certain Bungie have either planned another dungeon for us later down the line in Season of Opulence, or a secret quest not stated in their promotionals which will lead us to Bad Juju.

As we all know Toland was the bearer of the pulse rifle of Bad Juju before he was ‘killed’ by the Deathsinger, and has since been wandering through the Ascendant Realm, guiding us once we reached the dreaming city. I’m fairly certain this Ascendant Realm shown in the SoO trailer will lead us to the fabled weapon.

And, now that I think about it, this little story could tie us in nicely with the drop of Shadowkeep, with a link between Calus - Toland - Eris…

Interesting topic indeed.

The Ascendant Realm in the Leviathan is most certainly for the new dungeon where we acquire Bad Juju. In the lore for Shadow’s Mind Calus talks about tempting a person named “broken” (Toland The Shattered) with an old trinket he left behind (almost 100% Bad Juju).

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Hey would you mind putting a spoiler warning in your topic title? I’m sure some people don’t want to know about Bad Juju maybe coming