Season of the Chosen | Chariot of Fire cutscene

EDIT: When I wrote this didn’t realize that someone else already transcripted the scene. I don’t know how to delete posts so in case I don’t figure it out, ignore this post and go to the original here:

Name: Chariot of Fire

Video URL: - YouTube

Recorded: 2021. 03. 23


++ Arcadian Valley, Nessus

** After the Guardian defeats Ignovun, Caiatl meets with Zavala and Crow to solidify peace between the Cabal and Humanity

** A Psion hiding in a nearby ledge aims their rifle at the group

** A Psion picks up a ceremonial blade and carries it to Caiatl

Caiatl: Let our blood be the last spilled.

** Caiatl cuts her hand with the blade

Caiatl: Let this ground be hallowed. Let honor bind us.

** The Psion begins to carry the blade to Zavala

** The Psion on the ledge shoots Zavala’s Ghost

** Zavala’s Ghost is hit with a Light suppressing device. It falls to the ground

** Zavala loses the Light

** The Psion with the blade rushes Zavala

** Crow jumps in the way of the Psion’s slash

** Crow gets batted aside, his mask falls off

** The Psions attempts to stab Zavala while he is down

** Caiatl grabs the Psion and throws them to the ground

Caiatl: I didn’t order this. Bring me the one who pulled the trigger! They’ll know who did!

** One of Caiatl’s guards runs off

** The Psion sniper runs off

** Crow staggers over to Zavala’s Ghost and rips off the light suppressing device

Crow: [grunts]

Zavala: [gasps] Are you alright?

** Crow sits up

Crow: I’m… alive.

** Zavala offers his hand to Crow

** Crow takes it

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